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butchers looking east1.jpg (31066 bytes) The Butchers Arms looking East butchers_arms.jpg (31975 bytes)     Jubilee day 2002
endon house looking east1.jpg (29278 bytes) Endon House looking East. Note the building opposite on the corner.  This was the Parish Poor House. This was partly demolished, and became the village Bus shelter. endon house looking east03.jpg (32959 bytes) 21st January '03
endon house looking west1.jpg (29763 bytes) Endon House (once known as The Malt Shovel & Besam when it was a public house)  with the Ring o' Bells on opposite corner. endon house looking west03.jpg (29295 bytes) 21st January '03
ferry boat inn1.jpg (31119 bytes) The Ferry Boat Inn at Church Laneham

note: a row of cottages in the background (now demolished) where  Councilor Fred Clark was born.

ferry boat 03A.jpg (29474 bytes) 21st January '03
house, main street1.jpg (30106 bytes) Cottage on Main Street cottage main street03.jpg (31098 bytes) 21st January '03
looking west1.jpg (30091 bytes) Main Street looking West looking west main street 03.jpg (30523 bytes) 21st January '03
main street looking west1.jpg (30897 bytes) The Stables and Binge Farm binge farm03.jpg (30955 bytes) 21st January '03
methodist chapel1.jpg (32443 bytes) Methodist Chapel methodist chapel 03.jpg (30644 bytes) 21st January '03
minnits shop looking east1.jpg (30376 bytes) Minnitt's shop looking East Minnitts03.jpg (31050 bytes) 21st January '03
post office1.jpg (28707 bytes) The old Post Office in the small building next to the War memorial.  Also  Eagle House opposite.  war memorial2.jpg (31593 bytes) 21st January '03

We are indebted to the late Mrs. Lucy Allen for allowing the copying of her collection of Laneham postcards.

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