Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 9th April 2011 at 7.00pm at The Village Hall, Laneham.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Phil Baines (Vice Chair), Corrinna Simpson-Kane (Chair)



P Cllr Gill Barratt, BD Cllr Shirley Isard, PC Bill Bailey, David Myers, BDCllr Keith Isard, NCCllr John Hempsall, PCSO Claire Walker,






Nothing to report, no crimes this month.


4.  Minutes of meetings held 14/03/11

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by John Cobb, seconded by Phil Baines.



a) Broading Lane - surfacing

Feedback from NCC – gated road not allowed without good reason, i.e. control of livestock.

Cost of maintenance to be addressed – letter to all landowners on Broading Lane requesting consideration for financial contribution.

b) Village Hall – upgrade to Heating and Plumbing – Elaine advised there is a possibility of getting contribution from Trent Vale Partnership – Elaine to proceed with grant application.  Clerk advised possibility from Nottinghamshire Community Foundation.  £200 received from Cllrs Keith and Shirley Isard.  PC discussed possibility of village fund raising event in the form of dance night at Dunham Village Hall.  Phil to check availability of Dunham Village Hall.

c) Trentside Church Laneham – Various

Clerk relayed verbal update from NCC.  Site has been visited by Senior Highways Officer.  All things considered, the outcome of visit is a recommendation to build a footpath on the Tingdene side of the road between the bridge and entrance to Manor House Park.  Speed limit review will take place in due course.  The felled trees which were fallen and partly in the Trent have been moved to Trentfield Farm.  Villagers wanting any of the wood can contact Trentfield Farm to collect on a first come first served basis.

d) Clayhough Lane – Downgrading / Barriers / Rectification Works

NCC (Laura Summers) advised cost to down-grade lane will cost several thousand pounds for administration and legal costs.

NCC advised a decision cannot be made without a formal request to install own barriers during temporary closure. Clerk to write letter to NCC.  In mean time, Neil Simpson to make larger more obvious signs for each end of lane announcing closure to all users, people are not seeing the A4 signs from NCC and are still using the lane, putting themselves at risk of harm.

NCC advised list of landowners name and addresses of landowners either side of Clayhough Lane would help them in their consultation process.  Clerk to send list.

e) Bassetlaw District Council – Big Tidy Up event (7th to 21st May) – Risk assessment to be produced for next meeting for approval – litter pick date confirmed 21st May starting 3pm.

f)  Bus Service – Church Laneham – Andy Buckland advised that NCC have instructed Yourbus to extend bus service to Church Laneham.

g)  Litter – Shortleys Lane -  Work completed – area has been cleaned up, thanks to BDC and John Hardman of Trentfield Farm.

h) Christmas Trees for Church Yard – 4 offers have now been received, generosity of the villagers is warmly recognised.  Phil Cable to be advised of offers.

i)  Dunham Road Bus Shelter – Insurance broker confirmed that liability would not be accepted if manger-style flower baskets were installed below the minimum safe height for an obstruction on the public footpath. Corrinna to speak with Phil Cable.

j)  Laneham Parish Heritage Group – Councillors to feedback at next meeting re: images on web site.

k)  Public Conveniences – Clerk to write to BDC re standard of facilities.

l)  Flood markers – agreed Ken Walker to proceed with re-painting works.

m) Best Kept Village Competition – Parish Council agreed that village should enter competition.  Elaine offered to provide plan of excluded areas.  Clerk to confirm entry.



Lafarge Restoration proposal – Elaine confirmed proposal is simply to restore land to native countryside condition.  Agreed – no objections.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:58 pm to allow public discussion. 

Mr Maurice Page expressed interest in being co-opted as Parish Councillor but only moved to Church Laneham in August 2010.  Officially Parish Councillors must live in Parish for 12 months before they can be elected or co-opted.  The Council welcomed his interest.

The meeting re-opened at 8:08 pm.



a)  Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000854)

b)  Bassetlaw District Council £55 (Extra tonne winter grit)  (000856)


The above were proposed for payment by Phil Baines, seconded by Elaine Collier.

Audit papers have been received for year end accounts, to be submitted by 4th July 2011.

John Smith has agreed to vet accounts for financial year 2010 to 2011– proposed by Corrinna, seconded by Elaine.


9.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

Clerk advised meeting with Rev. Felicity Ferriter extremely useful and confirmed St Peters can be used as emergency accommodation.  Clerk to continue with other emergency accommodation checks.



Elaine confirmed Trentfield Farm will mow grass on Parish Field in designated area on plan provided by Meadow Group.  George Scrini confirmed all going to plan and would like to contact Mr Hardman re: loan of scythe mower.  Elaine to check if scythe mower still available.



a)  Notification from BDC – Bulletin No. 48 – copies to be distributed to all PC’s.

b)  Notification from BDC – Code of conduct – results of questionnaire.  Copies to be distributed to all PC’s.

c)  Invite to attend meeting – Community Forum at Rampton Hospital – Clerk to send apologies.



a)  Clerk to check ‘Private’ sign at edge of field on Rampton Road

b)  Elaine requested action be taken to stop motorbikes creating a noise nuisance on western bank of Trent (Lincolnshire side of Trent) – clerk to check boundaries of Parish Land, verify complaints recorded with Police and write to Water Board (Tenant of Parish Land on opposite bank to Church Laneham) if appropriate.



The meeting closed at 8:55pm