Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 8th November 2010 at 7.00 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Corrinna Simpson-Kane, David Myers, BD Cllr Keith Isard.



P Cllr Gill Barratt, P Cllr Phil Baines, PC Bill Bailey, PCSO Claire Walker.






There have been no reported crimes in Laneham or Church Laneham in the last month. 


4.  Minutes of meeting held 11/10/10

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Elaine, seconded by John Cobb.



a) Planning – both P Cllr Elaine Collier and Parish Clerk Di Fisher attended the training session – both found the session to be very informative and worthwhile.

b) Broading Lane – Speed Limit – Clerk advised there are sufficient funds for the signage already quoted for at the south end of the restricted lane, but new additional signage is needed for the northern end.  Clerk to obtain quotes.

c) Street light 36 – NCC not able to give clear update on when works are scheduled, Clerk to make formal complaint to NCC.

d) Core Strategy Document – Revised ‘final’ version of the plan has been published, Phil and Corrinna to complete their assessment of the document.

e) Bottle Banks – BDC has offered to provide hard-standing and fencing if a suitable site can be found.  All agreed there is no suitable site that is easily accessible and at a sufficient distance from residential properties so as not to prove a noise nuisance.  BDC have agreed to re-locate to the old ‘Optivite’ site as a temporary measure.  Clerk to action.  All agreed that the Parish Council would seek to work with Mr Scragg to house recycling facilities on a more permanent basis once works at the site have been completed.

f) Footpaths and BywaysSafety – NCC has agreed to provide non-slip surfaces on the footbridges.  The slope on the steps on the footpath adjacent to Wharf Road are within tolerances, so no further action will be taken by NCC.  NCC will look into making the closure of Clayhough Lane more permanent and visible until such time as drainage/re-surfacing works make the Lane passable and safe again.  The willow trees that have fallen/partially fallen into the Trent at the side of Wharf Road are on Parish Land, therefore NCC have no liability to deal with the fallen trees/broken bough.  Clerk to pursue help from Environment Agency – they have already been informed and work has been requested, but no response has been received.  Clerk to follow up.

g)  Bus Stop (Broading Lane) – First response from NCC was that the bus stop is not used, therefore they will relocate it to another site in the County where it is needed.  Corrinna and John pointed out that the bus stop is used by junior school children.  Clerk to advise NCC and pursue repairs.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:20 pm to allow public discussion. 


Mr Phil Cable asked the Parish Council what action the Archive Group is to take with regards to progressing with the project.  A discussion took place.  It was agreed by the Parish Councillors present that the project needs reviewing as the purpose and extent of the project has become unclear since it first started 3 years ago.  Clerk to arrange a special meeting between Parish Councillors and members of the village hall committee.


Mr Phil Cable advised that the hanging baskets on the bus stop on Dunham Road need to be removed as they are targeted by vandals and are no longer serviceable.  He suggested that wall-mounted containers might fare better and for longer.  Clerk to obtain brochures and prices for next meeting.


Mr Phil Cable asked who would be managing the Christmas Tree lights in his absence, the Parish Council responded that Mr Neil Spruce had already volunteered to perform this service.  Parish Clerk to contact Neil and check this is still the case.


Parish Councillor John Cobb offered to trim the Holly Tree on Dunham Road before the lights are installed as it’s 3 years since it was last trimmed.


The meeting re-opened at 7:27pm and the following needed further discussion.



Increase of annual payment to Parish Clerk (earnings) proposed by Corrinna and seconded by Elaine now that the 6 month probationary period has passed.


a)     Wages for Clerk October 2010   £83.33 + £13.20 mileage expenses  (000836)

b)    Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000837)

The above were proposed for payment by Corrinna, seconded by John.


8.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

Parish Clerk to submit the first items for completion of the Emergency Plan for discussion / approval at the next meeting.



See item 6 – public discussion.  Documents submitted by Mr Phil Cable were distributed at the meeting and will be used for the basis of discussion at the special meeting yet to be arranged.



Phil Baines not present to update the Parish Council re: cutting methods and the community group’s exploration into a scythe cutter.  Elaine reported that the meadow had been vandalised and is looking untidy.  A plan is needed from the community group so that the Parish Council can ensure the meadow is usable by residents and visitors as well as making a contribution towards conservation.  A plan is needed so that the Parish Council can contract suitable grass-cutting arrangements.



(See item 6).  John Cobb offered the loan of 2 transformers that might prove to be a suitable back-up for the lights.  John to advise Parish Clerk of the specification so that this can be checked out with Phil Cable.



The winning entry was that submitted by Di Fisher, the runner-up was Marianne Kellett.  The chosen map is to be professionally enlarged, printed and mounted in the new notice board.  It was suggested that the runner-up entry be framed and hung in the village hall as it was considered a very attractive piece of artwork.  The prize money £50 will be donated by Di Fisher to the Village Hall Committee to be spent on a replacement table for the Village Hall.


Parish Councillor John Cobb left the meeting at 8:10pm.



The overall response from residents of Laneham and Church Laneham was a 50/50 split between those who objected to the wind farm development and those who did not.  Based on these results the Parish Council agreed that it would not be appropriate to lend support to Sturton-le-Steeple Parish Council.  Clerk to update Sturton-le-Steeple Parish Clerk.




a) Planning Application - Manor Farm, Church Laneham, to convert 1 cottage and dis-used barns into 3 residential units was discussed.  There were no objections.  Clerk to respond to BDC.

b) Gritting (BDC) – In response to reply form sent by BDC, Parish Council to request allocated ‘free’ salt, plus 1 tonne additional salt @ £55 per delivery.  Clerk to pursue and follow up a request made earlier this year to replace the grit bin which has disappeared from outside the Ferry Boat Inn.


The meeting closed at 8:38pm