Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 8th January, 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr G. Scrini, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark, P Baines, P Cable,  F. Clark, J. Cobb, Dist. Cllr K. Isard and 1 member of the public.


1.       APOLOGIES

County Cllr J. Hempsall



      Cllr. Cable declared a personal interest in Item 7



The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  The Chairman queried why an item brought up in Public Discussion had not been minuted.  This was because it was not discussed further when the meeting had been reopened.  Cllr. Mr. F. Clark proposed that the minutes were a correct record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mr. J. Cobb and unanimously agreed.



 The Chairman had written to all councillors regarding the length of meetings, particularly the amount of time spent on this section.  This was discussed and the proposal put to the council to keep discussion on this section to a minimum was accepted by 6 votes to 1.

a)       Manor House – The Chairman has written to BDC and a copy of the letter was available to all.

b)       Village Hall – three quotes for the redecoration have been requested.  One negative response received so another quote has been requested.  No quotes received yet.  Further quotes to be requested.

c)       BBC Project – a grant of £500 has been offered by Notts Wildlife Trust for seed for the meadow project.  (Cllr Cobb declared a personal interest in the following) The trees on Wharf Road have been inspected and a quote received to deal with the most dangerous one.  The quote of £120 + VAT was accepted, and a request to be made for the work to be put in hand as soon as possible.  Further quotes will be needed to deal with the other work later.

d)       Bridleway 25 – no further information received.

e)       Land Registry – Applications have been acknowledged.  Further information is required including sight of the Enclosure Award and the original deeds for the hall.  The Chairman and Clerk to progress this.

f)        Planning, Trentfield Caravan Site – the Chairman had also mentioned this in his letter to BDC

g)       Trees – the tree warden to be contacted again as no reply has been received.

h)       Bus Shelter – the Developer has agreed to help replace the bus shelter, but has not yet got back to the Chairman with any figures.  Chairman to follow up.  The building needs to be replaced by one of a similar nature to the one taken down.

i)        Village Playground – Cllr Baines has received a copy of the proposed lease.  It is hoped that plans for dealing with the project can be brought to the next meeting.  AGENDA

j)        Maintenance – BDC have confirmed they will empty the litterbins at Top Town Bridge and the Ferry Boat every second Tuesday.

k)      BBC Project Church Wall – Cllr Clark still waiting for some input from Church Council.  Cllr Cable still to look at information

l)        Web Site  - some necessary amendments have now been made.  The suggestion to publish the accounts on the web site was agreed to and this will be looked into.  The Chairman will offer help to Lee Sinclair who updates the site on a voluntary basis.

m)     Helenships Repairs – Mr. Statham has acknowledged the letter and asked for the damaged area to be marked on his map

n)       Parking at Ferry Boat  - the Chairman has visited and discussed this with the owner.  He is hoping that more parking space will soon be made available round the back, but in the meantime is asking patrons to try and avoid parking on the grass verges.

o)       Parish Plan – will be discussed again later in the meeting.

p)       Weight Restrictions – letter acknowledged and is being looked into.

q)       Training Courses NRCC – Cllr Cable has identified courses he thinks will be of interest to councillors.  He will copy the information to councillors so that they can make their own bookings.  Councillors to pay their own refundable deposits.

r)       BDC Double Taxation – The Chairman’s reply to be copied to all.  AGENDA

s)       PC Liaison Meeting – 14th Feb. Retford Town Hall  Chairman to attend.

t)        Christmas Tree Lights – had been repaired in time for Christmas.  It has been suggested the lights are removed and stored for next year.  However the Church lights will have to be left up in the meantime because of the cabling.

Cllr J. Cobb left the meeting.


The meeting was closed for Public Discussion after which it was reopened and the following discussed further.



a)     Village Maintenance – to be discussed further at next meeting.  AGENDA



a)       Caretaker’s Fee - £350 (000626)

b)       British Waterways cheque for Over Trent Piece rental received  £69.77

The cheque was approved for payment.

c)    Precept – after discussion it was agreed that more time was needed to discuss this important matter.  A meeting was arranged for 22nd January at 7.00 p.m. to discuss this in more detail.



Cllr Cable had declared a personal interest.  The new plans were inspected and discussed and compared to the previous application.    After the discussion 4 councillors voted in favour and one abstained.  Cllr Cable asked to see copies of BDC decisions on some other planning applications – to be taken to next meeting.  It is hoped that a Planning Officer will attend a future meeting and Cllr Isard advised that if there are specific applications to be discussed that the details are sent to the Planning Officer so that he can come prepared.



After discussion it was agreed to inform the police of the council’s concerns.   Some questionnaire cards have been received regarding policing and these were distributed. 



a)       NCC Road Works – have now been advised that the sewer laying works planned for Broadings Lane have been cancelled.  It was also noted from the paper that the footpath off Broadings Lane was to be closed.  NCC to be contacted to ask that the Parish Council are informed of any closures.

b)       East Midlands Development Plan – copy passed to Chairman for perusal.

c)       NAVACH – request for information on village facilities was completed.

d)       Grass Cutting – information to be kept on file.

e)       E mail correspondence – to be placed in a folder for all to see.

f)        Parish Plan – a meeting will take place Saturday, 13th January at 2.00 p.m. in the village hall to discuss the results of the questionnaire.  Have now reached the action stage and are ready to apply for a grant for the publication of the plan.  The glossy brochure was the favoured option and the councillors indicated support for the grant application.  Councillors were also asked to show their support by attending the meeting on Saturday.



a)       Vandalism – Cllr Cable stated that we have continuing incidents of vandalism.  Support is needed from parents and residents.  Letter to police already discussed.

b)       School Bus Fares – a complaint has been received from a parent who has to pay full adult fare for a 16-year-old to travel on the school bus.   Clerk to write to LEA.

c)       Clayhough Lane – has been churned up by 4 x 4’s, however it has still been walked without difficulty.  No further action needs to be taken at this time.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.40 p.m.