Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Wednesday 15th December 2010 at 7.00pm at The Ferryboat Inn, Church Laneham.

The Parish Council had to re-schedule the meeting due to adverse weather conditions and wishes to thank Mrs Lesley Holland, Manager of The Ferryboat Inn, who provided (free of charge) a suitable room for the public meeting to take place.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Corrinna Simpson-Kane, Phil Baines, BD Cllr Keith Isard, PC Bill Bailey



P Cllr Gill Barratt, P Cllr David Myers, PCSO Claire Walker, C Cllr John Hempsall






Due to recent heavy snow fall and low temperatures, crime generally has fallen within the district, however, theft from a vehicle in Laneham was reported 15th December.


4.  Minutes of meeting held 08/11/10

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by John Cobb, seconded by Corrinna.



a) Broading Lane – Speed Limit – Agreed that a blue sign (design tabled) will be ordered and erected at the northern end of Broading Lane.  Phil to try and get a better price on the 20mph speed limit signs for the south end of Broading Lane.

b) Core Strategy Document – Phil gave a précis of the document; in conclusion, there is very little if anything within the Core Strategy that will affect Laneham in the next 10 years.  Item now closed.

c) Bottle Banks – BDC has confirmed that the relocation work has been scheduled to move the banks to the frontage of the old ‘Optivite’ site.

d) Footpaths and BywaysSafety – Corrinna to check the footbridge at the back of Ivyholme (Howard’s Farm) has been given non-slip treatment.

e) Fallen Willow trees on the River Bank alongside Wharf Road – Corrinna to get quotes from local tree surgeons.  Environment agency confirmed the trees do not pose a flood threat, therefore it is the duty of the Parish Council to deal with the fallen trees.

f)  Bus Stop (Broading Lane) – Clerk has advised David Watson at Notts County Council that the bus shelter is in fact still in use by children attending Dunham school.  The driver stops to collect the children and continues to Church Laneham to turnaround opposite the Ferry Boat and continue it’s journey.  Clerk has requested confirmation from David Watson that the bus shelter will not be relocated and the original repairs will be carried out.

g) Wall Mounted Planters for Bus Shelter on Dunham Road – at November meeting, resident Phil Cable requested the Parish Council authorise a budget to replace the hanging baskets to minimise effects of vandalism.  Clerk advised that mounting places are narrow.  Agreed that Clerk update Phil Cable with this information to see if he can find suitable ironmongery that will fit and for budget to be agreed early in 2011.




            a.  Ting Dene – Letter from BDC Planning, permission for signage not granted

b.  Holly Folly Farm – Letter from BDC Planning, permission for aviaries not granted and that legal action will not be taken.

c.  Melson House – Change of Land Use – permission not granted, landowners are in breach, matter now with the  Bassetlaw District Council Legal Team who are preparing a case.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:35 pm to allow public discussion. 

The meeting re-opened at 7:40 pm.




a) Wages for Clerk October 2010   £83.33 (000843)

b)  £10.36 (fuel re-imbursement John Cobb) - (000844)

c)  Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000837)

d)  £50 prize money donated by Di Fisher to Village Hall (000841)

e)  £225 St Peters Church (Right of Way Bell Holt & Wharf)  (000839)

f )  £30 St Peters Church (electricity for Christmas Lights)  (000840)


The above were proposed for payment by Corrinna, seconded by John.


9.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

The first step completing contact details were agreed – contact needs to be made with Rev. Felicity Ferriter about use of St Peters in the event emergency accommodation is needed.  Details agreed to be presented formally at next meeting.  Also, parish councillors to consider ‘cascade’ information for discussion at next meeting – handout given to all present, handout to be distributed to Gill and David with minutes.



Agreed – Parish Councillors and Village Hall committee to have separate meeting to discuss impact of Archive Project and find satisfactory resolution to concerns.  Parish Councillors gave availability – meeting now subject to availability of Village Hall Committee first week in January 2011.



a) The Trentside Meadow Community group provided minutes of their meeting in December which detailed their plans for maintenance and development of the meadow.  A plan was tabled showing the desired extension of the current ‘test’ meadow area which will be the final defined plot of the ‘damp’ Trentside meadow within the boundary of the Parish Field.  The plans for maintenance and future development and the extension of the ‘damp’ meadow area was approved by the Parish Council.

b)  The Community Group presented a draft grant application from Trent Vale to buy a scythe mower.  Agreed that Phil and Corrinna will check the details of this requirement with Meadow Group Chair George Scrini before the Parish Council approves the grant application.  Agreed that due to the timescale involved with submitting the grant application, that a decision would be agreed between Parish Councillors after this meeting and before the next Parish Council meeting scheduled on 10th January 2011.



The Parish Council wish to extend their thanks to both Phil Cable and Neil Spruce for ensuring that the lights would be robust enough to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions and despite 6 inches of compacted snow and ice around the Dunham Road location, the ‘switch on’ went ahead as planned.


The Parish Council also acknowledges the hard work and determination of the Village Hall Committee who despite the emergency closure of the village hall and atrocious icy conditions, continued with the Christmas Lights Switch On, Carols and Festive Refreshments on 11th December 2010.



a) Yourbus apologised for apparent inconsiderate driving by their drivers, our letter of complaint was noted and discussed and a memo has been sent to all drivers on the route through Laneham.

b)  Notts County Council – Communities Department – Tim Hart – confirmed that the footpath ‘27’ has now been added to the definitive map showing rights of way.  (Footpath along Bell Holt & Wharf, Ordnance Survey Ref: SK 8156 7674 to SK 8176 7640).

c)  Bassetlaw, Newark & Sherwood Police – Notification that the Mobile Rural Contact Point service has been de-commissioned mainly due to cuts in government spending.

d)  Bassetlaw District Council – reminder about the Sir Stuart and Lady Florence Goodwin Charity that exists to assist people over the age of 60 with financial needs in rural areas, namely Laneham.











e)  George Scrini – Village Hall Committee (VHC) – Email advising that a burst water pipe in the roof void in the Village Hall has caused damage to the ceiling and flooded the hall floor.  The insurers have been advised of the incident and a claim is in progress.  The VHC will get quotes for dehumidifiers to help the hall dry out – the cost of which should be covered with the insurance claim.  The attending plumber advised the VHC that the water system needs updating to conform to current regulations.  This may affect the heating system which may also need updating accordingly.  For the time being, the hall is closed and cannot be used.  Perhaps these upgrade items can be discussed when both the Parish Council and the VHC get together early January 2011 for the Archive Project update/discussion.



a) It was noticed that the grit bins had been re-filled during the recent snowfalls.  BD Cllr Keith Isard explained this was done in addition to the normal gritting schedule.  He noticed on his travels around his ward during the worst days of road conditions that all the grit bins had been used up and persuaded the highways section to re-fill the grit-bins.  The Parish Council is appreciative of BD Cllr Isard’s action.  The 5 bags of salt rationed per village has been delivered to Broading Lane ready for distribution, also the extra 1 tonne has been delivered to Trentfield Farm for use in Church Laneham and also to re-fill bins around the village as and when necessary.

b)  Dog Fouling has reached almost epidemic proportions in Broading Lane.  BD Cllr Keith Isard advised that BDC is the enforcing authority for on-the-spot fines.  Individuals can be trained and certified by BDC who then have authority to issue on-the-spot fines too.  Agreed Corrinna and Parish Clerk to speak with BDC to see what is involved and whether the Dog Warden service can assist by patrolling Laneham.

c)  Gullies for floodwater along the Trentside banks in Church Laneham – Agreed that the gullies have been dug too wide and too deep.  They pose a hazard to vehicles should they have to take avoiding action off the road and will be a problem to mow.  Clerk to contact Notts County Council for a solution to the issues identified.


The meeting closed at 8:20pm