Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 14 November 2011 at 7.00pm at the Village Hall, Laneham.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Phil Baines, Fred Clark, John Cobb, Elaine Collier, David Myers, Corrina Simpson-Kane (Chair)

Bassetlaw District Councillor Shirley Isard, PC Bill Bailey

In attendance:   Susan Flye (Clerk)



Bassetlaw District Councillor: Keith Isard




Elaine Collier declared a personal interest in Planning Matters relating to Springhead Brewery due to trading connections.      




PC Bailey reported that on 18 October 3 caravans were damaged at Church Laneham.  He commented that a number of caravans had been broken into in the locality and were apparently being used by people sleeping rough.

On 25 October there was also damage to a vehicle in the village caused by someone throwing a pumpkin.

Cable theft in the area continued – there had been 3 cases overnight at Stokeham.  Everyone encouraged to be vigilant and report suspicions to the police immediately.

Complaints had been made to the police regarding a party on Rampton Road and PC Bailey confirmed that it appeared to be a “Facebook” promoted party.

PC Bailey confirmed the 101 non-emergency Police number is now up and running, the old 0300 number will become redundant in January 2012.




The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Elaine Collier, seconded by Fred Clark.




a)    Broading Lane sign erected and job complete.

b)    Trentside, Church Laneham.  JC reported that Mr Hewitt had been unable to mow the field but a very good job has now been done by D C Lewis.  The Council passed on their thanks to Mark Lewis.

c)    Clayhough Lane – still awaiting a response from Notts County Council. Clerk to chase again. EC noted that Laura Summers of NCC had been seen in the area so hopefully a report will be available for the next meeting.

d)    Plaque for Bus Shelter – outstanding.

e)    Maintenance Issues – Notts County Council have confirmed all reported jobs are in hand.  NCC confirmed that street lights nos 15 and 16 on Main Street have been repaired.  FC confirmed.

f)     Rubbish dumped in Shortleys Lane as reported at the last meeting was still there.  The Clerk confirmed that this has been passed on to Bassetlaw’s “Litter Busters” team.  












6.    PUBLIC DISCUSSION 7.18  pm

       FC informed the Council that E Hurton & Sons had, at their own initiative, undertaken work to improve the lettering on the War Memorial. The Clerk was asked to send a letter of thanks.

       The meeting formally re-opened at 7.20pm






CS-K had visited and agreed that the facilities need to be replaced.  As monies are not going to be available from BDC it would be necessary to look into the possibility of grants/funding.






Village Hall Heating – PB confirmed that he and another villager are going to assist the plumber with the works in order to keep costs to a minimum.  The Clerk confirmed that copies of all quotations for the work were needed for the parish accounts and that invoices would be required before any payment could be made.


Village Hall Ridge Tiles – outstanding.  PB to speak to Jason Oakes.


Valuation of village hall for insurance and asset register purposes.  Reviewing the valuation has highlighted the fact that a separate insurance policy for the village hall buildings cover is held in the name of the “Laneham Memorial Hall Management Committee”, to whom the Parish Council makes a payment. It was felt that savings could possibly be made by combining this with the Parish Council insurance policy.  PB to obtain information from the Village Hall Committee and in particular the figure used for insurance purposes.
















It was noted by the meeting that should the review’s suggestions be carried out then Laneham would fall into the Sherwood Parliamentary Constituency.  No comments.






BDC Monitoring Officer had raised the matter of a vacancy on the parish council. It was agreed that the Clerk should draft an advert for the “Roundabout” magazine and also the village notice boards.  DM agreed to approach a possible interested party direct.







                                                                                Chq no

       -    M Fanthorpe                            £358.33          000891         November cleaning

       -    Parish Clerk Susan Flye               £8.68          000892         expenses

       -    Parish Clerk Susan Flye            £166.66          000893         salary to 13.11.11

       -    D C Lewis                                    54.00          000894         grass cutting

The above proposed for payment by John Cobb, seconded by Fred Clark.


The Clerk’s hours of work are considerably more than the 10hours/month stated. Additional hours as recorded were August +11, September +14, October +9 in respect of handover period, bank mandates, HMRC/payroll, audit queries, BDC Monitoring.  An additional payment of 10 hours to cover this 3 month period was requested and agreed by the meeting.  It was also agreed that in future the Clerk should submit a monthly claim for all hours worked.


The meeting noted that the Caretaker for the Church Laneham toilets was paid on a self employed basis and confirmed the Clerk was in order to continue on this basis.


The Clerk reminded councillors that formal quotes and invoices were required for all work undertaken on behalf of the Parish Council.


The meeting considered bank reconciliations prepared for the quarter ending 30 September 2011 and for the month October 2011, and confirmed that these would only be required on a quarterly basis in future.


The Clerk asked the meeting their views on on-line banking, which would be more convenient and it was agreed to progress and obtain the necessary paperwork for signature.






























Springhead Fine Ales – change of use offices to public house.

The meeting noted that there appeared to be no changes to the internal layout.  Concerns were raised regarding long opening hours, parking issues particularly in the summer and the increase in the volume of traffic into the centre of the village, lorries delivering etc.


CS-K noted that there were parking facilities at the rear of the building, presently used for storage and the clerk was asked to note this on the PC’s response to BDC Planning Dept.


Re-cycling facilities were noted in the planning application – the meeting asked for clarification as some of the units belong to the village not to Springhead.  The clerk was asked to raise this matter on the response to BDC.


FC confirmed that he had sounded out a number of villagers and it was generally seen as a good move for the village.


The meeting raised no objections to the planning application.  EC abstained.  The Clerk was asked to report to BDC accordingly.


- Holly Nook, Main Street – BDC had granted permission for the demolition of the existing porch and erect a single storey extension.  The meeting noted that permission was subject to conditions.


- Planning Policy – Site Allocations Issues and Options.  Councillors had been provided with a link to the BDC planning website.  It was noted that there had been an article in the local press on this matter and PB offered to review the situation as regards Laneham.






























A correspondence folder was presented to the meeting.

1.    Code of Conduct – BDC 10 November 2011 letter and attachment.  The meeting noted issues relating to the Code of Conduct raised in the letter and it was decided to invite BDC’s Deputy Monitoring Officer to give a presentation on this subject to parish councillors before the next meeting on Monday 12  December 2011 at 6.30pm TBC. Clerk to arrange.  [Later unable to attend on 12 December].

2.    Enquiry re BMX track – the meeting discussed a request for a BMX track in Laneham but agreed there is not a suitable site in the village.  The meeting was also concerned regarding health & safety issues and responsibilities that a BMX track would raise for the Parish Council.  The Clerk was asked to respond appropriately.

3.    Community Consultation Training – useful training into obtaining grant aid. To be considered.           

4.    The Village Notice Board company advert

5.    Notts Association of Local Councils, Northern Area Committee agenda and minutes.

6.    Notts CC – Roads in Winter

7.    The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons – correspondence from Notts Fire Service and Pageantmaster.  FC offered to review.  The general feeling was that it would be appropriate for Laneham to be involved.

8.    Surviving Winter Appeal – Notts Community Foundation

9.    NCC – Developing a Notts approach to Localism (emailed to PCllrs 29.10.11)

10.   The Playing Field newsletter

11.   NHS Community Forum meeting dates, minutes & agenda

12.   East Midlands Council - Big Lottery

13.   Notts Fire & Rescue – consultation

14.   A1 Housing newsletter

15.   Standing Orders for a Parish Council.  The Clerk was asked to look further into this matter.

































EC reported new cases of the dumping of tyres on Shortleys Land and Helenship Lane.  Clerk to report. 



The meeting closed at 8.26pm