Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 14th June 2010 at 7.10 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Neil Spruce, Mrs. Corrina Simpson-Kane, Philip Baines, Mrs. Gill Barratt, David Myers, PC Bill Bailey, PCSO Clare Walker, District Cllr. K Isard.



Cllr S Isard, PCllr John Cobb, PCllr Gill Barratt





Ms E Collier attended the meeting as invited, the PCllrs had opportunity to see the reference letters Ms E Collier brought with her.  Mrs Brenda Barber had also declared an interest in the position.  The PCllrs agreed to offer Ms E Collier the position of co-opted Parish Councillor.  PCllr Spruce to inform Ms E Collier.



Very little crime has been reported in Laneham and neighbouring villages the last 3 months.  PC Bailey update the Parish Council about a new method of communication.  Using the latest technology, the Police can send text messages on mass to those people who have registered their numbers.  This means that when crimes like ‘distraction theft’ are reported, then the police can spread the word much faster to real people on the ground warning residents etc. to be extra vigilant.  Anyone who is interested just needs to let PC Bill Bailey know their name, address and mobile number.


5.  Minutes of meeting held 10/05/10

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Neil Spruce, Seconded by Phil Bains.



a) Planning – Cllr Baines agreed to speak with ex-councillors before the next meeting to get an idea of what will be involved before he makes a commitment to form a sub-committee – C/Fwd to next meeting

b) Broadings Lane – Speed Limit – Cllr Phil Baines has made enquiries into having signage made, but suggested it might be simpler and more economical for the signs to be hand-painted by himself with an offer of assistance from Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane – C/Fwd to next meeting.

c) Grass Cutting – Ken Walker is up to speed with the grass cutting in the Trentside Meadow and Church Laneham.

d) Lamppost 13 – light is on all day and lamppost 32 does not work– Clerk to follow up.

e) Roadname Signs – New streetname sign is expected to be installed in the next few weeks.


The Meeting was then closed at 7:25 pm to allow public discussion after which it was reopened at 7:26pm and the following needed further discussion.



a)     Wages for Clerk and Clerk’s expenses May 2010   £169.27  (000815)

b)    Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000818)

c)     Phil Cable – Pre-Fab Storage Building (Parish Council Shed) (000814)

d)    Ken Walker - £18 litter picking & £55 grass cutting May 2010 (000817)

e)     George Scrini - Expenses – John Cobb Fuel for mowers to cut grass at village entrances £23.08 (000816)


The above were proposed for payment by Cllr Phil Baines, seconded by Cllr Mrs. Corrina Simpson-Kane and unanimously agreed.


8.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

All PCllrs had received copies of the explanatory information from Notts County Council about how communities can create their own ‘Emergency Plan’.  It was agreed by all that consultation should take place with the residents to determine the level of interest, as their help and contributions would be needed for the plan to have any value.  Clerk to draft information letter/leaflet, Phil Baines to organise a door drop to all residences in Laneham and Church Laneham.


9. TRENTFIELD FARM Do the Parish Council’s comments from 2000 still stand?  After some discussion P Cllr Neil Spruce requested the item be taken forward to the next meeting.  Clerk to request extension of deadline for response to Bassetlaw District Council.


10. ARCHIVE PROJECT -  The store has been erected in the car park and is to be known and referred to as the ‘Parish Council Shed’.  Link person Phil Cable emailed an update.  Slow and steady progress is being made on all fronts.  Clerk to request a set of keys from the Village Hall committee.


11. TRENTSIDE MEADOW – Project work continues to be carried out by members of the community.  Link person George Scrini has suggested the Parish Council purchase a second-hand hay-cutting machine if grants are available for ecological projects.  George has agreed to check out possible sources of funding, (e.g. Bassetlaw Strategic Partnership environmental sub-group).



a)     BDC – planning permission granted to Mr & Mrs Sinclair, extension to the rear of Endon House.

b)    Areas of Responsibility for Parish Councillors – after discussion it was agreed that all P Cllrs are responsible for reporting problems with landscaping, litter bins, war memorial, bus shelters, lane, pavements etc.

c)     Society of local clerks – invitation to attend 1 day training on village greens, rights of way and open spaces.  No P Cllr able to attend this time round.

d)    BDC – Survey received – asking for feedback about existing services and changes to services in the village.  This was completed by all present.

e)     NCC – letter inviting feedback from the Parish Council about services provided during severe winter weather.  This was completed by all present.

f)      BDC – Encouraging Play in Rural Areas – P Cllr Simpson-Kane to attend meeting if space in her diary permits (10am to 2:30pm)  15th July at Retford Town Hall.

g)    Brenda Barber – email with concerns about Trentfield – taken into account with item 9

h)    NCC – reminder that hanging baskets and decorations fitted to NCC property must have a ‘Decorations Licence’ before items are installed.

i)      Laneham Boat and Ski Club – cheque sent for £125 for use of access across Bell Holt & Wharf.

j)      BDC – Letter advising application to erect detached house and garage at Easgle House Garage has been withdrawn.



a)  Andy Rowlands has generously offered to re-furbish the notice boards in Church Laneham.  Clerk to ask Andy to proceed.

b)  Report from the village that the hedge growth on Dunham Road is obliterating the path.  At the time of the meeting, it was believed that local residents had trimmed the hedge.

c)  Request from the village that if the bulky rubbish collection stops, then can the Parish Council provide a skip instead? 

d)  Notices were placed around the village to publicise the ‘Best Kept Village’ competition one week before judging was due to start, thanks to Orchard Nurseries for flower displays in village


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approx. 8:40pm