Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 14th March 2011 at 7.00pm at The Village Hall, Laneham.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Phil Baines (Vice Chair), David Myers, BDCllr Keith Isard, NCCllr John Hempsall, PCSO Claire Walker,



P Cllr Gill Barratt, BD Cllr Shirley Isard, PC Bill Bailey,






Residents in Church Laneham reported a gathering of vehicles and people suspected of badger baiting on 19th February.  The Police attended and arrested individuals for poaching and possession of cannabis.  There are currently no leads on the theft of an IFOR Williams trailer from Trentfield Farm.


Speedwatch – there was only one individual who responded to the appeal so there is insufficient support for this scheme to go ahead.


4.  Minutes of meetings held 14/02/11

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by John Cobb, seconded by Phil Baines.



a) Broading Lane – Various

*Road sign for north end of Broading Lane has been installed with 15mph as the suggested speed limit.   *NCC advised that cost of getting Broading Lane adopted would be prohibitive.

*Corrinna has started consulting residents who agree in principle to the lane becoming a ‘gated road’.  *Clerk to check implications of ‘gate’ with Laura Summers at NCC.

*Corrinna and clerk establishing owners of fields along Broading Lane for consultation purposes.

*Corrinna and clerk to get pricing for fencing and gate across Broading Lane.

b) Fallen Willow trees on the River Bank Elaine Collier is now in contact with Tree Surgeon to arrange access for agricultural vehicle via the gate and locking post on their land.  Elaine to advise Chair and Clerk when date has been agreed for work to be done.

c) Reparations to Village Hall – George Scrini advised that insurance claims for both water leaks have been settled. Elaine Collier agreed to pursue the application of a grant via Trent Vale Partnership.  Clerk to investigate other sources of grants.  BDCllr Keith Isard confirmed a grant of £200 will be forthcoming.  Target amount to be raised: circa £6,000.  £1,500 raised via precept, plus £200 from BDC, £4,300 remaining.

d) Trentside – Various

*Correspondence has been exchanged between clerk and NCC and NCC Cllr John Hempsall. 

*Outcome:  The  ‘grips’ (gulleys) on the Trentside are hazardous to pedestrians and other users of this historical recreational area.  Clerk to contact Gordon Aldbury (NCC) and request a site visit to agree a solution.

*Notts County Council Highways dept have registered our request for an ‘extension’ of the 30mph zone and a review of reducing the speed to 20mph along the bankside.  (This is likely to take a number of months while NCC deal with other speed limit priorities in line with their countywide programme).

*David Myers to contact Ken Walker with regards to agreeing a ‘mowing solution’ between them to work around the complications of the grips until such time as they have been dealt with.

*Recent damage to the verges by low-loader deliveries to Tingdene has been rectified by Tingdene.  *David Myers advised that they have done this as a gesture of goodwill and have informed the transportation company that they will have to do the reparations or fund them should it happen again.

e) Dog Fouling / Litter Bins – There are 4 BDC Litter bins in Laneham which are emptied weekly.  These have been confirmed as ‘dual purpose’ and are suitable to accommodate bagged dog waste.

f)  Clayhough Lane – Downgrading / Barriers / Rectification Works

NCC (Laura Summers) to advise re: costs of downgrading the Lane to ‘restricted bridleway’ status.

NCC to advise re: Parish Council installing our own barriers

Clerk in correspondence with Laura Summers re: rectification works (re-surfacing)

g)  Potholes - Clerk advised some pot holes have been attended to, but not all, waiting to hear from NCC as to whether job is complete.

h) Bassetlaw District Council – Big Tidy Up event (7th to 21st May) – Laneham to participate and publicise via B&C and Roundabout magazine.  Di Fisher forwarded proposal for a ‘Family Litter Pick’ event comprising of 2 groups led by Di and Corrinna, one starting at the junction of Helenship Lane along Rampton Road and one starting at Trentfield Farm along Main Street, ending up at Village Hall for Afternoon Tea.  Date of event: 21st May.  Clerk to liaise with Village Hall Committee.

i)  Bus Service – Church Laneham - Clerk advised that Andy Buckland from Notts County Council has forwarded a proposal to Your Bus for confirmation and approval that they can and will be amending their service to include Church Laneham – C/fwd to next meeting.

j)  Litter – Shortleys Lane -  Elaine Collier advised of litter/rubbish which has accumulated on a track to the east of Shortleys Road – Both Trentfield Farm and Clerk have picked up lightweight litter.  Clerk has requested BDC to give the area a good clean of older bulkier rubbish to help discourage littering behaviour from people who park up in the Lane.


John Cobb left the meeting at 8pm.



Lafarge Restoration proposal – Elaine volunteered to look at change to restoration plans.

Renewal of Beeches Farm permissions to develop 2 dwellings – no objections.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:52 pm to allow public discussion. 

The meeting re-opened at 7:55 pm.



a)  Wages for Clerk February 2011   £83.33 (000853)

b)  Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000854)


The above were proposed for payment by Phil Baines, seconded by Elaine Collier.


9.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

C/fwd to next meeting, clerk to speak with Rev. F Ferriter Sunday 20th March.



The Meadow Group advised that the test area has been extended and produced a plan of the area that needs to be mown on a regular basis.  Elaine Collier agreed to check the plan and the site and confirm if Trentfield Farm are in a position to mow the designated areas free of charge.



a)  Phil Cable (in person)  - the following requests and update was given, though discussions did not complete due to Phil having to leave by 7:30pm.

1)  Can the Parish Council approve expenditure of approx. £96 for additional Christmas tree lights.  Phil Baines explained that due to major expenditure needed this year and an increase in the precept, funds would not be available and that it could be reviewed again next year.

2)  Can the Parish Council approve expenditure of approx. £35 to replace a Christmas tree in the church yard which has died.  The Parish Council cannot justify the expenditure at the moment but will publish an appeal to the village giving residents and businesses an opportunity to sponsor a tree.

3)  ‘Manger’ style flower baskets can be installed on the Bus Shelter on Dunham Road, but they would present a hazard as they would be sited below the minimum safe height for an obstruction on the public footpath.  Clerk to check with insurance company if this project can proceed or not.

4)  As the leader of the Laneham Parish Heritage Group, Phil advised that a selection of photos have been uploaded on to one of Laneham’s web sites: under ‘Bygone Galllery’.  Parish Councillors agreed to visit the web page and give feedback to Phil after the next meeting.

Phil advised that a member of the LPHG will be attending Archive Training (about ‘best practice’ for village archiving projects) on 18th March – this is FOC provided by the Trent Vale Partnership.  Phil advised that offers of new material had been received for recording.  The archiving process has started, early results will be uploaded to the website for feedback only – (uploading and presentation on the internet was not in the original scope of the project and is not intended as the main means of public enquiry or reference.)

b)  Bassetlaw District Council – Invitation to the next Parish Liaison meeting – Elaine Collier may not be able to attend on 30th March, 7pm at Retford Town Hall – Corrinna will check diary and liaise with Elaine.

c)  Optivite Site – now ‘Springhead Brewery’ – A detailed and positive email from Helen Teasdale and Richard Scragg has been received outlining their plans.  A full copy will be sent to Roundabout and put up on the Village Notice Board.

d)  Best Kept Village Competition – Parish Council agreed that this year an open invitation is to be made to any resident or business in Laneham to lead this project.  Clerk to advise Roundabout.



a)  Elaine Collier requested a site inspection of the public conveniences at Church Laneham.  Parish Councillors to agree a time and date and report back at the next meeting.

b)  Clerk advised a number of village items need cleaning/repairing/tidying up and suggested Ken Walker be assigned these tasks within the budget allocated for grass cutting.

c)  Corrinna advised that she had been told that the Chapel on Main Street is soon to be demolished.  Clerk to check with building control that appropriate permissions etc. are in place.

d)  Lane Lettings to be advertised – Easter Monday 25th April 9am.  Clerk to arrange notices.



The meeting closed at 8:55pm