Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 14th February 2011 at 7.00pm at The Village Hall, Laneham.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Phil Baines (Vice Chair), PC Bill Bailey, BDCllr Keith Isard.



P Cllr Gill Barratt, P Cllr David Myers, Chair Corrinna Simpson-Kane, PCSO Claire Walker, BD Cllrs Shirley Isard






No crimes reported in the last month.  John Cobb advised of possible theft of logs from Fox Covert Wood, Phil Baines to check with owner of wood what the facts are.  The matter of speeding motorists along Main Street was discussed.  PC Bailey suggested Speed Watch as a deterrent.  Appeal to be published in Roundabout to recruit volunteers – 6 being the optimum number.


4.  Minutes of meetings held 10/01/11 and 17/01/11

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by John Cobb, seconded by Elaine Collier.



a) Broading Lane – Speed Limit – Road sign for north end of Broading Lane will be installed in next 2 weeks.  Discussion needed with residents of parish owned Broading Lane with respect to possible adoption and upgrade into public highway.  Phil to contact residents and discuss possible solutions, i.e. residents to share maintenance costs or proceed with adoption.  Clerk to establish if there are financial implications with making the parish lane into an adopted highway.

b) Footpaths and Byways – Safety – Corrinna to check the footbridge at the back of Ivyholme (Howard’s Farm) has been given non-slip treatment.  C/fwd to next meeting.

c) Fallen Willow trees on the River Bank Tree surgeon has been consulted who regularly carries out works for neighbouring parishes.  Quote of £360 agreed to remove fallen branches and trees alongside Wharf Road.  Corrinna to advise when works will be carried out.

d) Reparations to Village Hall – Further to existing heating and plumbing issues, another water leak happened 5th Feb – clerk to request update from George Scrini re: status of insurance claims.  Corrinna to report at next meeting re: quotes received for upgrading plumbing and heating. Discussion needed re plan of action for upgrading heating and plumbing and obtaining funding.

e)  Grips (Gulleys) on Trentside  too steep – Notts County Council Highways dept have re-shaped grips to reduce steepness of sides, but they are still too deep/steep for grass cutting machinery.  Clerk to request grips to be upgraded to pipes backfilled with gravel so that verges can remain flat reducing trip hazard to visitors and damage to vehicles should they need to take avoiding action.  Clerk to ask Tingdene if they will liaise with Ken Walker to find a grass mowing solution between them taking into account the different equipment they use and the state of the grips.

f)  Dog Fouling – Dog warden patrolled Laneham and renewed signage.  A5 flyers were supplied by Dog Warden and distributed house to house by parish councillors.  The Warden will patrol the village when he can.  Dog Warden suggested Parish Council consider dual purpose bins.  Clerk to check with BDC who empties existing litter bins and if dual purpose bins are still available.  Keith Isard suggested Clerk contacts Ian Roebuck at BDC.

g)  Clayhough Lane – Laura Summers (NCC) advised that to down grade the by-way to a restricted by-way might have financial implications if the request needs to be approved by a magistrate’s court.  Laura is still working on addressing the drainage issues in Clayhough Lane.  A recent temporary 21 day closure has now been made into a 6 month closure.  PC Bailey suggested use of water-filled barriers to help prevent motor vehicles ignoring public notices.  PC Bailey will also establish technically if a traffic offence is being committed if a driver knowingly takes a motor vehicle down a road that has a temporary closure notice on it.  Clerk to try and establish if there are any financial implications to the down-grading process. 

h)  Speed limit Church Laneham – Clerk has requested a review of the speed limit in Church Laneham to the Highways Dept, NCC.

i)  Potholes - Clerk had inspected road surfaces in Laneham and advised that there were only 2 or 3 serious potholes.  The uneven surface is mainly due to a succession of patched repairs over the years.  Clerk to request surface levelling as well as patch repairs.



Nothing to report this month.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:30 pm to allow public discussion. 

The meeting re-opened at 7:35 pm.



a)  Wages for Clerk January 2011   £83.33 (000850)

b)  Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000849)

c)  K R Hewitt – hedge trimming of Poor Close.  Fred Clark (Trustee of Poor Close) approved the expenditure, John Cobb (Trustee of Poor Close) confirmed work was completed to the required standard.  £63.00  (000851)

d)  Annual subs for membership of Notts Assoc of Local Councils (NALC) £66.50  (000852)


The above were proposed for payment by Phil Baines, seconded by Elaine Collier.


9.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

C/fwd to next meeting, clerk to speak with Rev. F Ferriter.



The Meadow Group advised that as a result of the recent grant application, Trent Vale Partnership has decided to purchase a scythe mower to be managed by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust that will be available on loan free of charge for Trent Vale Villages. 



a)  E-ON sent a sample emergency power cut survival kit which contains radio, torch, wind-up mobile phone charger etc.  Clerk to send details to Roundabout and offer it as a raffle or silent auction prize at the next Bookies and Cookies (B&C) event.

b)  Digital Switchover – 5 booklets guiding people with switching over from analogue radio and TV to Digital were received and are to be made available to residents.  Clerk to make them available at the next B&C event.

c)  Bassetlaw District Council – Invitation to the next Parish Liaison meeting – Elaine Collier to attend on 30th March, 7pm at Retford Town Hall.

d)  Bassetlaw District Council – Big Tidy Up event (7th to 21st May) – Laneham to participate and publicise via B&C and Roundabout magazine.

e)  Notts County Council – Official paperwork documenting the creation of Laneham Footpath No. 27 has been received (along the Trent bank across Bell Holt and Wharf).



a)  Clerk advised that street light No. 4 (Main Street) has been reported and is due to be fixed.

b)  Clerk advised that village name plate will be repaired by Jeff Elliott within the next 10 days.

c)  Elaine Collier advised of litter/rubbish which has accumulated on a track to the east of Shortleys Road – Clerk to check and request assistance from Environmental Health (BDC).

d)  Elaine Collier advised that the low loaders making deliveries to Tingdene have damaged the grass verges in places – Clerk to request that Tingdene make good any damage to verges as a result of deliveries of homes to the Manor House Park site.

e)  John Cobb advised that work appears to be happening at the old Optivite site, Clerk to contact Richard Scragg to enquire how their plans are progressing.

f)  BDCllr Keith Isard advised that a grant of £250 was available for a suitable project.  It was agreed to accept the grant and put the money towards the plumbing and heating upgrade costs of the village hall.

g)  Clerk advised that Andy Buckland from Notts County Council has forwarded a proposal to Your Bus for confirmation and approval that they can and will be amending their service to include Church Laneham. 


The meeting closed at 7:59pm