Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 13th September 2010 at 7.00 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Philip Baines, John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Corrinna Simpson-Kane, David Myers, BD Cllr S Isard and K Isard



PC Bill Bailey, PCSO Clare Walker, CCllr J Hempsall, P Cllr Gill Barratt



David Myers – Correspondence item – planning application for signage (Tingdene, Church Laneham).



PC Bailey and PCSO Clare Walker sent their apologies and gave a written report.  There have been 2 reported crimes – attempted burglary at pumping station, Church Laneham and theft of a pump from Fox Covert, Laneham.  These crimes are clearly offenders after metal for it’s scrap value.  It continues to be a problem. 


On the subject of crime, Corrinna advised that there had been an attempted horse theft in the Tuxford area, and David advised that the jetties at the boat club have been vandalised, handrails had been destroyed and a tyre filled combustibles had been set alight.  Request to be sent to Roundabout to highlight the scrap metal thefts and horse thefts to make residents aware.  Clerk to relay information to  Bill Bailey and Claire Walker.


4.  Minutes of meeting held 09/08/10

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by John Cobb, seconded by Phil Baines.



a) Planning – BD Cllr Keith Isard advised the meeting that he organises short training workshops in different aspects of planning which may be of interest.  Keith to keep the Parish Council informed.

b) Broadings Lane – Speed Limit – Cllr Phil Baines reported that he might have found a cost-effective professional signage company that could make the signs.  4 signs would be needed, 2 each end of the Parish Lane section of Broadings Lane, one sign to advise users that the Lane is actually a parish lane and not a normal highway, and 2), a 20mph speed limit road sign.  Phil will get quotes from the company and make a proposal at the next meeting.

c) Street light 36 – Neither the new or the old light is working.  Clerk to request removal of redundant light and repair of new light.

d) NALC – Notice of AGM – Elaine to check with Lynda Ogilvie and attend meeting Nov 17th @ 7:30pm.

e) Core Strategy Document – Work in progress, Phil and Corrinna still working their way through the document.

f)  Clerk to contact Optivite and request temporary siting of bottle banks.

g) Clerk to follow up non-slip surfacing for bridge(s) on footpaths.

h) Clerk to check if willow tree with broken branch over Wharf Road (footpath alongside the Trent to the Meadow) is privately owned and to ask owner to make the branch safe.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:14 pm to allow public discussion.  Mr Fred Clark requested that the bus stop at the end of Broadings Lane be repaired and refurbished.  Clerk to action.


The meeting re-opened at 7:17pm and the following needed further discussion.



a)     Wages for Clerk July 2010   £79.16  (000829)

b)    Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000830)

c)     Ken Walker – Grass cuttings £55.00 (000827)

d)    Phil Cable – Hardware expenses for Archive Project £32.41 (000826)

e)     Andy Rowlands – Hardware expenses for re-furbishing the noticeboards £72.12 (000828)

f)     Petrol Expenses for John Cobb £21.65  (000832)


The above were proposed for payment by Corrinna, seconded by Phil.


8.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

Article was published in Roundabout and the same article will be included in a door drop exercise by 17th September.  Response deadline is 8th October.



Phil Cable sent a written report – The store is finished, Phil is obtaining spare keys.  The workstation build, with shelving, is nearly complete.  Phil requested that a member of the Parish Council is needed to be a link with the IT equipment purchase, installation and implementation.  Corrinna volunteered to be the link.  It was agreed by all present that the IT specification needs to be reviewed – the clerk checked correspondence on file - a copy could not be found.  Clerk to ask Phil for a copy of the specification and to circulate it to all councillors before the next meeting.  The general view was that a review would be needed, not just in terms of pricing, but advancements in technology.  A closer look is needed now that a purchase is about to be made.



Phil to speak with George Scrini re: suggestions for cutting the meadow.   Clerk clarified that the cuttings must be removed from the site – this is normal conservation practice when creating a wild-flower meadow to prevent nutrients staying in the ground encouraging vigorous weeds.



Notice published in Roundabout and will be included in the door drop due to be completed by 17th September.  Posters yet to be sent to Dunham School and to be pinned on Notice Boards.  Clerk to supply colour versions to Phil.


12.  Wind Farm – Request to join forces with Sturton-le-Steeple Parish Council.

Notice published in Roundabout with feedback slip – will also be included in the door drop due to be completed by 17th September.  The Parish Clerk for Sturton-le-Steeple has been advised of the action we are taking to consult with Laneham residents.


13.  Correspondence

a)  Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) requested input from the Parish Councillors and residents with their consultation process about how waste is to be managed in this county.  All Councillors present were given the website link to complete the online survey.  Clerk to request to Roundabout to encourage residents to participate by going online too.

b)  NCC – Gulley and Drain cleaning – request made to inform the NCC of particular problem areas in Laneham or ‘smart moves’ (like clearing gulleys after leaf fall instead of before).  Councillors to make observations around the village and report back next meeting.

c)  NCC – letter to advise that significant moves are in place to improve communications and liaisons between Parish Councils and the NCC.

d)  BDC – Support requested to keep Worksop Magistrate Court open – Retford and Newark likely to be closed.  All agreed Parish Council to give support to keep Worksop open.

e)  Rural A Housing (RHA) – letter inviting suggestions and ideas from Parish Councillors with regards to supported housing.  Copy of letter to be circulated to Parish Councillors with Minutes for feedback next meeting.

f) BDC – Parish Council Liaison Group – pertinent minutes of their last meeting 14th July were discussed, no action necessary.




Request from residents in Church Laneham to follow up on request for bus service to Church Laneham.  Clerk to make a complaint about ‘Youbus’ persistent speeding and inconsiderate driving.  Suggest / request that smaller buses are used – local observations are that the large buses are nearly always empty.

Question from residents, can the Parish Field (Trentside Meadow) be rented by local residents or businesses?  It was clarified that the Parish Field is there for everyone to use, within reason.

Phil Baines offered to assist with the re-location of the filing cabinet from the previous Parish Clerk to the Parish Store.



There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approx. 8:20 pm.