Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 13th August, 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.

PRESENT: Chairman Cllr G. Scrini, Councillors Mrs.  B. Barber,  P Baines, P Cable, F. Clark. J. Cobb,


1.       APOLOGIES

Cllr. Mrs. A. Clark





The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting Cllr F. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting; this was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Barber and unanimously agreed.


a)  Meadow Project - A sub-committee meeting had been held and the minutes of the meeting made available.  After the grant of £2600 had been received the Big Lottery Fund had been told the Parish Council did not own the meadow and asked for proof of ownership, the Chairman had provided this.  A plan of action has been agreed.  It was pointed out that there have already been two acts of vandalism to the work done under the BBC project.

b) Planning Matters – Melson House – a breach of planning has been established and a retrospective planning application will be submitted to BDC.

c) Village Hall – almost completed.

d) Bridleway 25 – Cllr Hempsall had advised he spoke with Laura Summers who had informed him that the signing would be undertaken in September/October.  This delay is unacceptable to the council and Laura to be informed.

e)  Land Registry – the Chairman is about ready to make the statutory declarations.

f) Bus Shelter – 4 quotations are now to be sought for the building of the shelter.  Mr. Hughes to be thanked for his assistance in looking at the plans.  Cllr. Cable asked for the council’s pledge to fund raise to repay any loans he can obtain to fund the building of the shelter – this was given, and suggestions for fund raising made. 

g) Trees, Main Street – still no word.  It is hoped the council can now remove the deceased trees and seek replacements.

h) BBC Project Church Wall – nothing further to report.

i) Parish Plan –There has been a set back in the grant application as it did not get put before the July meeting.  The children’s prizes had been presented before the meeting began.  The Parish Plan committee were grateful for the prizes donated by W H. Smith; the council had also funded part of the prizes.  The Spanish Night will now be held on the 8th September.  The garden party has now been cancelled, but some other event will be organised instead.  If the grant application fails the printing of the plan will be self-printed/published.  There has been no response to sending a copy of the plan to the police as requested.  Cllr Cable to now contact the police.

j) Village Maintenance– no response from Mr. Statham yet.  It was noted the new Church Laneham sign has gone, also the 30 mph repeater signs.  NCC to be advised.  (NEXT AGENDA)

k) Dog Owners – Pat Wilkinson, BDC has advised they do not supply special dog bins but would provide two new bins and some stickers.  It was agreed to accept this offer.  Bins to be sited opposite Manor House Park and at the junction of Main Street and Footpath 21.

l) Church Clock – no response from the Church Council yet but Cllr Clark is of the opinion the offer will be accepted.

m)  Code of Conduct Mtg – 11th September Retford Town Hall  Cllrs.  Scrini and Baines to attend.

n) Flooding  - the Environment Agency and Severn Trent have both said the pumps are the responsibility of LIDB.  LIDB stated the pumps were only out of action for a short time when there had been a power cut.  LIDB and ST to be contacted again with the council’s concerns about the overflow and storm water systems directed from East Drayton putting pressure on Laneham’s resources.

o) Speed Gun Trap - another volunteer still needed for training.

p) Parking on Pavement ­ - after the note in Roundabout a letter had been received from a resident who stated they parked on the pavement to help reduce blocking the road, as they had already had two vehicles damaged.                  




a)       Megan Rumens – footpath sweeper £35.00 (000647)

b)       Caretaker - £341.66  (000648)

c)       P. Cable  £50.00  (competition prizes) (000649)

Cllr. F. Clark proposed approval of payments, seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Barber and unanimously agreed.


More time needed  - to be put on next AGENDA


a) Post Box – After the post box had been removed without prior warning several enquires had been made.  Mr. Thorneycroft at Doncaster Royal Mail had advised the Clerk of the circumstances of the box being removed and stated it would be re-sited as soon as possible.  Before this can be done utilities and planning have to be checked.  It had been stressed that this matter required urgent attention.  Mr. Staley had also advised the Chairman of the circumstances that had brought about the removal of the box and felt he was being blamed unfairly. One suggestion was that the box would be better placed near the Holly Tree.  The Chairman now to contact Mr. Thorneycroft.

b) Civic Service – 2nd September – no one to attend.

c) BDC Flooding Questionnaire – completed for return

d) BDC Street Names – agreed on 1-16 River View for Manor Park.

e) NALC AGM – 29th October at Brackenhurst College.

f) Vitalise – requesting support, agreed only to support local charities when able.

g) NRCC – Crash Course on Planning  - decision at next meeting.

h) A1 Housing - information provided re their letting policy.

i) Planning – Optivite, Planning Application received – date arranged to discuss on Monday, 20th August.  Details to be circulated round councillors before the meeting.

j) NCC Transport to Health – posters made available.

k) New Times for Mobile Library – to be put in roundabout.

l) Building Better Communities – info given to Cllr Cable

m) NCC Casualty Report 2006 – Cllr. Cable to peruse


a)       Planning – the council still not satisfied with some planning issues at Manor House and Trentfield Farm – concerns to be sent to BDC

b)       Maintenance – lack of maintenance has contributed to the state of the lay-bys and passing bays at Church Laneham, this is not acceptable – NCC to be advised.

c)       Salt Bin damaged – NCC to be advised

d)       Culvert – under the road to Moor Lane needs cleaned again NCC to be advised.

e)       Trees on Over Trent Piece – some look dangerous, quoted needed to put right.  Perhaps another Full Risk Assessment needs to be undertaken.

There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.25 p.m.