Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 13 June, 2005 in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr. Lee Sinclair, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark, Mrs. R. Whate, P. Beresford, F. Clark and 1 member of the public


1.       APOLOGIES

Cllr. J. Cobb






The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr. F. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. R. Whate and unanimously agreed.



a)       Village Hall – inspection of building not yet carried out, to be followed up.

b)       Parish Plan – Mr. Cable is now moving this project forward.  A meeting has been arranged for 16th June.  Agenda and notes supplied.  Three councillors hope to attend. The council is grateful for Mr. Cable’s input with this project.

c)       Rampton Hospital Visit – it was agreed to leave this in abeyance for now.

d)       Maintenance, Broadings Lane – Some planings have been distributed and it is hoped that more work will be done.

e)       Bell Holt and Wharf –no more reports of parking. 

f)        Fishing Club Agreement – a duplicate has now been issued, it is hoped this will be returned soon.

g)       BBC Project -   Regarding the BBC project on Wharf Road the Chairman has had a meeting with Mr. Wort.  After discussion it was agreed to involve a landscape architect, and ideas will be produced for the council, some ideas already discussed are picnic tables, work on the Fishing Pegs and a parking area.

h)       Footpath Dunham Road to C2 – another letter has gone to Laura Summers

i)        Signs etc  - sign work still not completed.

j)        BDC – South East Bassetlaw Forum.  The Chairman will attend the next meeting.

k)      Trentfield Lane/Wharf Road – to be discussed later.

l)        Best Kept Village – Cottam Power Station are unable to provide any help with grass cutting.  The council is grateful for the work already done at Stokeham entrance by Mr. Cable.  Colin has tidied up round the trees on Main Street. 



It had been pointed out that this item had been missing from the Annual Parish Council Meeting, this had been done as the whole of the Annual Parish Meeting had been open to the public.  However, the council does appreciate that points from minutes may need discussion and it was agreed to include this in future APC meetings.



a)        Internal Audit – this has now been completed by Jane Holden.  The council appreciates the work Jane does and a token of appreciation to be passed on.  Cllr Mrs. A. Clark to deal with this.

b)       PMC  Planings £223.25 (000564)

c)       Colin Gaisford £28.00 (000565)

d)       Caretaker £333.33 (000566)


It was proposed by Cllr. F. Clark that these invoices be paid.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. R. Whate and unanimously agreed.




a)       British Waterways – have provided some posters

b)       NCC Civic Service – to be held on 17th July at Southwell Minster – Cllr. F. Clark to attend.

c)       Parish Council Liaison Group – minutes of last meeting received.  Next meeting on 23.11.05.

d)       Rampton Hospital – Community Forum Meeting on 22.6.05 – no one to attend.

e)       BBC – A Year of Celebration – meeting on 22.6.05 nobody can attend, but information to be requested.

f)        Environment Agency – Flood Risk Management Strategy meeting on 21st July at Gainsborough Golf Club – Cllr. F. Clark to attend.



a)       Village Hall Grounds – after discussion it was agreed to ask Colin to tidy this up as part of his routine duties.  Mr. Goodridge to be advised.

b)       Bridge Railings Area – grass very long NCC to be asked to help with cutting.  Also to be asked to help with weeds at kerbsides.

c)       Dog – a loose dog has been roaming in the Moor Lane area.  Note to be put in Roundabout reminding people not to let dogs roam.


The Chairman proposed that the members of the public be asked to leave the meeting in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted.  This was seconded by Cllr Mrs. R. Whate and the public left the meeting.


d)       Trentfield Lane/Wharf Road – The draft Deed of Grant had been received and a copy given to all councillors.  After discussion the Clerk was asked to contact the solicitor with one query.  After discussing the outcome with the Chairman the document was approved for return.


There was no further business and the meeting closed at  8.40 p.m.