Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 13 February 2012 at 7.00pm at the Village Hall, Laneham.


PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Phil Baines, Fred Clark, John Cobb, Elaine Collier,

Corrina Simpson- Kane (Chair),

Bassetlaw District Councillors: K Isard

Nottinghamshire County Councillor: J Hempsall

In attendance:   Susan Flye (Clerk)



PCllr David Myers

Bassetlaw District Councillor S Isard

PC Bill Bailey




CS-K declared a personal interest re Broading Lane.




PC Bill Bailey was unable to attend the meeting,




The minutes of the meeting dated 9 January 2012 were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Elaine Collier, seconded by John Cobb


The minutes of the meeting dated 23 January 2012 were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Elaine Collier and seconded by Fred Clark




a.    Code of Conduct: Awaiting a response from BDC.

b.    Village Hall ridge tile repairs.  Outstanding.

c.    Core Strategy – EC confirmed she had attended a very informative workshop.

d.    Ferry Lane footpath.  FC confirmed that he had met with Laura Summers of NCC and the 2 footpath signs were now in place plus one set of gates.

e.    Casual Vacancy – request for repeat notice in Roundabout.

f.     Diamond Jubilee.  PB had not spoken with the Fire Officer or J Liddiard but suggested a meeting of the parish councillors with the Village Hall Committee.  PB to arrange and confirm.

g.    Freedom of Information folder – the Clerk would update time permitting.

h.    Village Hall heating – work to commence 10 March.  Clerk requested VAT invoices.

i.     NatWest on-line banking.  Receipt of application confirmed, waiting for contact by Relationship Manager.

j.     Bell Holt Field – problem re cars being driven in field.  PC Bailey had offered to take a look and discuss with neighbours.  Meantime EC had spoken directly with one of the drivers and the problem should be resolved.

k.    Large puddle – outside Manor Park Home.  Reported to and acknowledged by Highways.

l.     Dog fouling.  Is there a need for additional bins?  There is one situated on the footpath opposite the war memorial and one by the Ferry Boat Inn.  Who supplies bins and who empties?























Meeting closed at 7.20pm and re-opened.  No members of public present.





An update had not been received from Nottinghamshire County Council.





The Clerk reported an update had not been received from Nottinghamshire County Council however it was reported by CS-K that a resident of Broading Lane had spoken to Laura Summers who had agreed that NCC had responsibility for the lane and would provide 2 loads of plannings for residents to spread and that it is in order to mix diesel into the plannings to form a hard surface. Also that NCC are responsible for Broading Lane as a bridlepath, not in respect of cars, tractors etc.


EC raised concern that this action would turn parts of the bridleway into a tarmac path which would create a slippery surface which would be very dangerous, particularly to horses and their riders.


The comment was also made as to why this could be resolved so quickly whilst the Clayhough Lane situation – albeit a much larger job – has dragged on for a considerable length of time.





The Parish Council had received an enquiry from a firm of consultants acting on behalf of the Environment Agency in respect of land ownership and the Laneham Beck Outfall.  They are enquiring as to the ownership of the strip of land that lies between the parish hedge and the caravan park hedge that leads directly up to the outfall.  The Clerk pointed out that all Parish owned land was registered with the Land Registry some years ago. After consulting local maps and general discussion the meeting could throw no light on ownership other than it being a public right of way with a footpath sign.  Clerk to report back accordingly.











At the January meeting PB has raised the possibility of the Parish Council purchasing the playing field from BDC.  The Clerk had researched historical correspondence and confirmed that this issue had previously been raised in 2006.  At that time the Estates Officer at BDC had written to the Parish Council with proposed heads of terms for a lease of the land, described as 2272 sq metres on Broading Lane, at a nominal annual rent of £1. Minutes at the time recorded discussions regarding health and safety responsibilities, fencing and a gate.  Parish Councillors had considered the lease but there was no further mention in the minutes.


The Clerk was requested to contact the Estates Officer at BDC to enquire if they would again consider the possibility of this lease.  JC confirmed he would be able to deal with grass cutting.  PB said consideration also needed to be given to fencing and a gate for the field.















The Clerk highlighted the existing arrangements with the above, who donate £100 and £125 respectively for annual angling rights to the River Trent at Bell Holt and Wharf – which the Parish Council passes on to the Church.  The Angling Club also pay a sum of £150 for rights at Wharf Road.  All as per an agreement dated June 2005.


The Clerk asked the meeting to consider whether these figures remained in order for 2012.  All confirmed that a review of the arrangements was not required.  The Clerk to invoice accordingly.











                                                                                Chq no

-      M Fanthorpe                                         £358.33   000902         February cleaning

-      Parish Clerk Susan Flye                        £166.66   000903         salary to 13.02.12

-      Parish Clerk Susan Flye                          £13.26   000904         Stationery expenses

-      Notts Area of Local Councils                  £69.48   000905         Annual subscription

-      Memorial Hall Management Committee  £495.56   000906         Share of village hall building insurance

-      K R Hewitt                                              £79.20   000907         Hedge cutting/Poor Close land. 


Clerk instructed to transfer £79.20 from Poor Close bank account to the PC account in respect of hedge cutting at Poor Close land.


Clerk reported that a VAT refund of £300.15 had been received for the year to 31 March 2011.


The above proposed for payment by Fred Clark, seconded by John Cobb.






The Clerk reported that no decisions had been reported in respect of Manor House Caravan Park - Manager’s home; St Peter’s Church – gates; Springhead Fine Ales – change of use, Trentfield Farm – remove condition.


Further information had been provided by BDC in relation to details requested by them in respect of car parking provision on the Springhead Brewery site.  The meeting discussed the information provided.  Was there any additional parking to existing?  Is there sufficient parking in brewery working hours?  Will cars have to negotiate working vehicles?  EC asked for these points to be raised with BDC, no other objections were raised.


Proposed development at Cottam Power Station in respect of the restoration and disposal of pulverised fuel ash.  BDC Cllr Isard confirmed that this had been debated at BDC and had gone through their consultation process – there had been no objection.

The Parish Council similarly raised no objection.





Confirmation had been received from NCC re the Street Lighting proposals.  The Parish Council’s request that street lights outside the Church should remain on throughout the night had been rejected by the Project Steering Group at NCC on the grounds that “The primary purpose of street lighting is to light the highway not to light private property”.  This item to be placed on the next meeting agenda along with the possibility of solar lighting in the church yard.


Given the large volume of correspondence it was agreed councillors would circulate the correspondence outside the meeting.  The Clerk highlighted the Best Kept Village competition, the Bassetlaw Spring Clean, request for donation to Fledgelings Pre-School Playgroup and enquiry re tendering for grass cutting work in the village. All for discussion at the next meeting.


1.         Best Kept Village 2012 – CPRE – deadline 25 May 2012

2.         Bassetlaw Spring Clean/Big Tidy Up 8 April – 22 April 2012

3.         Enquiry re tenders for grass and hedge cutting

4.         Bill Newton Dunn MEP bulletin

5.         Play Ground Supplies Ltd catalogue

6.         BTCV – environmental volunteering

7.         CPRE – planning explained

8.         Diamond Jubilee commemorative items

9.         Old Hall Nurseries – Tree and shrub requirements

10.       Rampton Hospital – Minutes of 20 October meeting and agenda for 19 January meeting

11.        Ken Mafham Associates – seminar on neighbourhood planning 15 February

12.        Environment Agency – Lower Trent Outfalls Fish Passage Project

13.        Safer Neighbourhoods – next meeting dates + Minutes of 18 January 2012 meeting.

14.        Bassetlaw Games – Sports Volunteering Project

15.        NCC – Notts Minerals Local Plan Consultation

16.       NALC – double taxation.  Where parishes have to precept for some service that they provide which are delivered free of charge by the District Council for non-parished areas.

17.        Rural Community Action Notts (RCAN) Minibus survey

18.        RCAN – bulk oil buying scheme update.

19.        Spinal Injury Association – “Fish & Chip Supper”

20.        DN22 Gardening – Tree Surgeons

21.        NCC 26.01.12 – Developing a Nottinghamshire Approach to Localism

22.        NCC – Strategic Flood Risk Management/Emergency Planning

23.       NALC/CPRE – Roadshows “Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning”.  Retford – Tuesday 13 March.

24.        Premier 1 (UK) Ltd – handing baskets.

25.        North Kesteven District Council – Newsletter Feb 2012-02-12

26.        Fledgelings Pre-School Playgroup

27.        Glasdon – products for local councils

28.        Landscape & Amenity product update

29.        Notts Policy 2012/13 Precept and budget proposal – have your say.

30.        NALC – meeting 7 November 2011 minutes

31.        BDC – Neighbourhood Planning Support

32.        Police – Neighbourhood Alert System

33.        Alzheimers Society

34.       BDC - Parish Council Liaison Group – minutes 25 January 2012 and notification of next meeting Wednesday 25 April, 7pm, Retford Town Hall.

35.        BDC’s Core Strategy and Development Management Policies & Proposals Map









Fly tipping – no new reports.

Potholes reported again – opposite Memorial Hall/Melson House and over Beck Bridge near the public conveniences/passing bay.  Clerk to report.


It was noted and much appreciated that a local farmer had cleared all lanes following the recent snow.


EC informed the meeting that the emergency supply of grit stored at Trentfield Farm was used to fill the grit bin near the Ferry Boat for use on the slope and on the corner by the Church. This supply is now stored at the rear of the Memorial Hall. 







The meeting closed at 8.18pm