Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. on Monday, 13th March, 2006 in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr. Lee Sinclair, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark.  Mrs. R. Whate, P. Beresford, F. Clark, J. Cobb, County Councillor John Hempsall and 4 members of the public.


1.       APOLOGIES






3.        MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 13.2.06

The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr. Mrs. A. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. R. Whate and unanimously agreed.



a)       Village Hall – Two quotes have now been received.  Cllr. Mrs. Whate declared an interest in this item and left the room.  The two quotes were looked at, however it was agred to chase up the third quote before any decision was made.  Cllr Mrs. Whate rejoined the meeting.

b)       Parish Plan – BDC have acknowledged receipt of the comments on the Core Plan Strategy,  Mr. Cable was thanked for the work he had done on this.

c)       BBC Project – no further contact but Nic Wort now needs to be advised of the decision made the Planning Inspector regarding Wharf Road. 

d)       LIDB – still no reply from NCC. 

e)       Grass Verges/Other Highway Matters – still no reply from NCC.  Although it was noted a village inspection is due.

f)        Trentfield Lane/Parish Field – copies of the latest correspondence had been circulated, it was agreed to leave this matter to the end of the meeting to allow the papers to be read by councillors.

g)       Bridleway 25 –  Summary of decision – “ I propose to confirm the Order with modifications that require advertisement”.    Eddie Brennan to be contacted to find out current situation.

h)       Bus Shelter –  letters received from the Land Registry were read and discussed.  After discussion Cllr. F. Clark proposed that the objection is withdrawn, Cllr. Beresford seconded this and 3 other councillors agreed.  2 abstained.  Therefore objection to be withdrawn.

i)        Footpath Sweeper – letter from Colin Gaisford read and discussed. A reply was drafted, The council have no objections to him applying to be Notts. Right of Way Contractor for Laneham, agreed to offer him the job as previous years plus extra time for the new strimming work, but declined his offer to apply a “Clean it Up” stencil to footpaths.

j)        West Lindsay Draft Statement – the Chairman had completed the questionnaire and returned it.

k)      NALC Northern Meeting – Cllr F. Clark had attended but had not really found the meeting useful.

l)        Notts RCC Funding Seminar – Cllr. Mrs. Whate had attended and brought back some information on grants.  To be passed onto the Parish Plan Committee.

m)     Grass Verge near Optivite – Cllr. F.Clark had visited Optivite and the verge had been levelled, however, it wasn’t long before another vehicle had churned it up again.

n)       Land Registry – some information about registering land obtained from the LR but this conflicted with information in Local Council Review magazine.  Further information to be obtained and this matter to be put on next Agenda.



The council meeting was closed and opened to the public.  After it was reopened the following needed discussion

a)       Parish Plan -  Phil Cable reported on the Parish Plan and raised three items which were discussed.  Regarding other villages putting notices on the Board it was agreed that this could only be done when sufficient space was available.  It was suggested that the request for a Tennis Court should be included in the Parish Plan.    The Chairman urged people to support the forthcoming social event – A Greek Evening – for which tickets were now available.



a)       Melson House – erect 2 storey extension ­  - the plans were inspected and discussed, 7 out of  7 councillors had no objection to the application.

b)       Frogs Leap & The Barn erect two garage/storage buildings for use in conjunction with adjacent dwellings.  Cllr. Mrs. Barber declared an interest and left the room.  After inspection of the plans and discussion 6 out of 6 councillors supported the application.  However wished to make the following comments – would prefer the whole buildings to be built in red bricks and a roofing material to be used more in keeping with the existing buildings i.e. pantiles.  Cllr Mrs. Barber rejoined the meeting



a)       Retford Baptist Church – for photocopying PP questionnaire  £13.20  (000590)

b)       Clerk’s fee and expenses  - £300.91 (000591)  (Cllr Cobb Declared an interest and did not discuss)

c)       Caretaker - £333.33 (000592)

d)       NALC Subscription for LCR mag.  - £37.80 (000594) After discussion it was agreed to opt for the saving by taking out a 3 year subscription.

It was proposed by Cllr. Sinclair and seconded by Cllr. F. Clark that the above be paid, the other 4 councillors agreed this.


8.       BUS SHELTER

The letter from Mr. & Mrs. Harrison was read and discussed.   Cllr. Hempsall declined to comment.  After lengthy discussion a proposal was made to retain the shelter 6 councillors agreed to this 1 abstained.  A letter to be sent to Mr. & Mrs. Harrison.



Cllr. Cobb declared an interest and left the meeting.  The recommended increase is  2.95%.  This was discussed and after discussion, including the fact that meetings had now increased to 12 per year from 6 when the clerk was appointed, it was agreed that an increase of 7.5% be awarded.   The clerk appreciated this.  Cllr Cobb rejoined the meeting.



a)       BDC Standards Committee – vacancy notice issued to all councillors.

b)       East Midlands Rural Development Framework – draft passed to the Chairman.

c)       BDA Liaison Committee Meeting – now 22nd March instead of 29th March.

d)       Cllr. Mrs. R. Whate – letter received from Cllr. Mrs. Whate, who is leaving the council after the next meeting, thanking fellow councillors and the Clerk for their friendship and support over the last 14 years.  The Chairman thanked Mrs. Whate for her letter and wished her well for the future.

e)       NCC – NAVO group sent poster and postcards to be displayed.

f)        Various other circulars passed round



a)       Signs –  2 x 30 mph signs Church Laneham are obscured, 2 x 30 mph signs Broadings Lane are broken, some 30 mph repeater signs between Top Town Bridge and Church Laneham are broken– this needs to be reported to NCC.

b)       Parking – school bus has again had trouble turning near the Ferry Boat, however it was confirmed that there is a notice behind the bar reminding customers where not to park.

c)       Caravan Park – it was noted that the owner of Manor House Park is leaving the area.

d)       Lane Lettings – to take place on Easter Monday in the village hall at 9.00 a.m.  Notices were provided.

e)       Litter – it was noted that there is a large number of beer cans alongside Rampton Road – will need to be cleared.

f)        Damage – it was noted that there has been some damage caused to the old bus shelter and some motorbikes riding round near the toilet block at Church Laneham.  To keep an eye on this.



g)       Trentfield Lane/Parish Field

The councillors were given time to read the correspondence.  However, the council has always agreed to  follow Mr. Harding’s (Solicitor ) advice.  The council is in full agreement with the decision to take Mr. Hardman to court for the £1313.12 he owes the council.  This to be confirmed to Mr. Harding.


There was no further business and the meeting closed at  9.20 p.m.