Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. on Monday, 13th February, 2006 in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr. Lee Sinclair, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark.  Mrs. R. Whate, P. Beresford, F. Clark, J. Cobb, and  2 members of the public.



1.       APOLOGIES

County Councillor John Hempsall







The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr. Mr. P. Beresford proposed they were a correct record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mr. F. Clark and unanimously agreed.



a)       Village Hall – No quotations received yet, but the roof has been inspected by at least one builder.

b)       Parish Plan – Mr. Cable present but will give his report at the end of the meeting.

c)       BBC Project – the letter received from Nic Wort had been circulated with the Agenda.  The project appears to be moving along.  Information was requested, this was gathered and a response to Nic confirmed.

d)       LIDB – the dyke has now been cleaned out.  However LIDB say the culvert still needs to be cleaned out.  NCC to be contacted again. 

e)       Grass Verges – NCC requested confirmation of the location for this, however, say they say the current financial position will restrict implementation of this type of work.

f)        Trentfield Lane/Parish Field – copies of latest correspondence between the council’s solicitor was discussed.  Mr. Hardman is still delaying payment to the council.  Mr. Harding to be contacted with the council’s latest thoughts on the southern fence.

g)       Bridleway 25 –  the appeal had been held.  No information received on the outcome yet.

h)       Bus Shelter –  the Land Registry has submitted a plan, which excludes the bus shelter from the plan of the Old Cottage Registration.  However, as it also thought the triangular piece of land should be included with the bus shelter the Land Registry need to be advised of this.

i)        New Bus Shelter – the six-monthly review is due at the next meeting.

j)        Precept – forms had been submitted.

k)      BDC Local Development Framework – to be discussed later as part of Parish  Plan.

l)        Parking – the Chairman had spoken to the owners of the vehicle parked on the footpath and this was no longer happening.




The council meeting was closed and opened to the public.  After it was reopened the following needed discussion

a)       Land Registry – now apparent that all the parish assets need to be listed and registered.  Enquiries to be made to LR and NALC.

b)       Pot Holes, Broadings Lane – there is still some material left in heaps on the lane for filling in potholes.

c)       Litter – this has built up during the winter when no footpath sweeper is employed.   Need to request applications for this job now.

d)       Boat Club – further query about access during winter months.  However, Boat Club rules state the club is closed between November and March.




a)       K R Hewitt (Hedge cutting)  £35.25 (000585)

b)       Laneham Memorial Hall Insurance £367.76 (000586)

c)       NALC Subscription £58.30 (000587)

d)       Caretaker £333.33 (000584)

e)       Tallents Solicitor £3074.09 (000589)  (VAT and £1313.32 to be recovered from Mr. Hardman)

Cllr. Mr. F. Clark proposed and Cllr. Mrs. Barber seconded that payments are made.  This was unanimously agreed.

f)    F. Clark  expenses for Heritage Project info.  £6.12 (000585)

Cllr. Mrs. R. Whate proposed and Cllr. Mr. P. Beresford  seconded that this payment be made.  This was unanimously agreed.




a)       Safeatlast – request for monetary support.  It was felt that when the council are able to support good causes the ones nearest to home come first. 

b)       NALC – have informed the Clerk that Cllr. Fred Clark will be sent an invitation to a Garden Party at Bucking ham Palace in July and need to know if he is likely to go.  Cllr. F. Clark confirmed that he would like to go. 

c)       NALC – have provided Clerk’s new salary scales.  The councillors agreed to add this item to the next meeting Agenda.

d)       West Lindsay Draft Statement – the chairman to read.

e)       BDC Spring Clean – council discussed and decided it should take place on 24th April starting from the Bus Shelter at 6.00 p.m.

f)        Pets – a very distressing letter had been received from a resident whose cat had been shot by an air rifle.  The vet had removed a pellet.  Apparently there are other incidents reported as well. The council condemns this use of air rifles and urges everyone to be observant and report any such behaviour immediately to the police.

g)       NALC Northern Area Committee – the next meeting is on 6th March in Retford Town Hall Cllr. F. Clark to attend.

h)       BDC Elections information now being issued re. Council elections to take place on 4th May. Nomination papers to be submitted between 24th March and 2nd April.

i)        Various other circulars passed round




a)       Dyke opposite Trent View needs cleaned.  NCC to be informed.

b)       Streetlights reported with reduced power.  NCC to be informed.

c)       Helenships Lane computer equipment in dyke.  NCC to be informed.

d)       Garages – the council garages on Broadings  Lane have now been removed.

e)       Grass Verges near Optivite – Cllr F. Clark to visit.

ALL hALL h The main meeting closed at  8.50 p.m.  and the Clerk left.


9.       PARISH PLAN

Phil  Cable gave an update on the Parish Plan and the recent questionnaire. The Local Development Framework was discussed and a return form drafted to BDC.