Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 12 September 2011 at 7.00pm at The Village Hall, Laneham.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Fred Clark, David Myers (Chair),

Bassetlaw District Councillors: Keith Isard, Shirley Isard.



Corrina Simpson-Kane, Phil Baines, PC Bill Bailey, 






PC Bailey emailed update: crimes for the period 1st July todate.

16 July 2011 – Dunham Road – damage to village notice board.


4.  Minutes of meetings held 8 August 2011

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Elaine Collier seconded by John Cobb.



a) Broading Lane - surfacing

Awaiting the new sign.  Existing broken sign to be removed.  CS-K to action.

b) Trentside Church Laneham

Clerk has contacted Strawsons of East Drayton to obtain a quote to cut the grass at Bell Holt & Wharf field, which is overgrown.  John said Dick Hewitt quoted 2 hours at £23/hour.  Wait for response from Strawsons.

c) Clayhough Lane – Downgrading / Barriers / Rectification Works

Laura Summers, Notts County Council has apologised for the delay in responding re this issue and hopes to do so in time for the October meeting.

d)  Public Conveniences

Site walk-round with Caretaker and all councillors outstanding.  CS-K to action.

e)  Noise Nuisance

Off Road bikes on Lincolnshire side of River Trent – noticeably quieter.  No further action.

f)  Memorial Railings – painting

See below.

g)  Top Town Bridge - painting

John has now spoken to David Weston of the probation service who will be able to undertake this work.  If feasible and numbers/supervision available DW will also organise the painting of the memorial railings.  Traffic cones will be required.  JC to liaise with Probation Service.

h)  Visibility / vegetation cutting on Top Town Bridge

Following no response from Notts County Council to 2 requests to cut down vegetation – John has done the job.  Eric noted the Parish Council’s appreciation.

i)  Plaque for Bus Shelter, Dunham Road

As Phil was not present this item is held over to the next meeting.

j) Maintenance Items – NCC

Outstanding maintenance items previously reported to NCC require follow up.

-       Overhanging trees opposite St Peter’s Church

-       Trees on Main Street touching overhead cables

k)  Bonfires – Church Laneham

Councillors had been provided with contact details.  Elaine has spoken to the person concerned and the problem appears to be resolved.

l)  Asset Register

The Clerk had obtained quotes for a valuation of various assets held by the Parish Council and also an insurance valuation of the village hall from Fisher German (estimate £400 - £700) and Brown & Co (£750 plus VAT).  The meeting felt this was too expensive and consideration would be given to a valuation of the village hall only. 

m)  Quadbikes in Broading Lane

As requested at the last meeting the Clerk had written to residents of Broading Lane regarding the restrictions of a bridleway ie motorised vehicles are not allowed in the lane except for access and asked for any response in writing.  None received.



Congratulations to the Village Hall Committee on their excellent achievement of raising £1,300 towards the proposed new heating system for the Village Hall. Well done to all involved.


The meeting formally re-opened at 7:18pm



a)   Parish Clerk Susan Flye         £83.33       (000880)

b)   Parish Clerk Susan Flye         £18.03       (000881)

c)   Caretaker M Fanthorpe         £358.33       (000882)

d)   Ex Parish Clerk Di Fisher        £15.18       (000883)

e)   PCllr F Clark                          £13.68       (000884)

The above were proposed for payment by David, seconded by Elaine.



One decision notice received and noted:

Mr Elliott – side extension to detached garage, Thorpe House, Main Street.

One application received: 

Holly Nook, Main Street – demolition of existing porch and erect single storey extension.  After discussion it was agreed there was no objection.


9.    Tingdene – Future Developments MANOR HOUSE PARK

The meeting discussed the paper previously circulated re the above and noted that a great deal of thought had been put in to future development plans.  The proposals were summarised by PCllr David Myers, an employee of Tingdene.


Tingdene’s proposal is to increase residential plots and in so doing reduce the number of plots for static caravans.  Tourer pitches have already ceased.  The proposal is for a maximum 58 residential plots (+ 18) and a reduction in static plots to 105 (- 30).


John raised the issue of mains sewers – can the system support the extra residential homes?  It was not felt that this was a problem given the number of static plots that there had been on the site in the past.


The benefit of residents rather than visitors was noted, as was the fact that current Manor House Park residents are very supportive of the village.  The meeting felt that progress towards an increase in residential plots would be an asset to the village and did not foresee any problems. 



Elaine noted that she was unable to obtain an offer of grant assistance for the project.  Tuxford Mine of Information was suggested as a useful source of funding information and also to contact NCC Councillor John Hempsall.  EC to action.


The Council has previously approved a quotation from BAR Heating & Plumbing of £4,978.  £1,500 is available from the precept, £1,300 raised by the Village Hall Committee with a further £2,000 available in the deposit account.  If a grant is not available the Parish Council has sufficient available funds to pay for the work.  The meeting accepted the Parish Council’s responsibility, via the Village Hall sub-committee, to maintain the Hall and agreed the need for improvement of the heating system. 


The meeting agreed is to authorise BAR Plumbing & Heating to install the new boiler, radiators to be added on as necessary.  The replacement oil tank to be deferred.


The meeting agreed the appointment of Phil Baines as project co-ordinator to authorise work with BAR and to report back to the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee.  Phil to ask BAR to provide a work schedule and to start work ASAP.  Phil to action.


The Clerk was asked to contact the Village Hall Committee asking for £1,300 to be paid into the Parish Council’s current account.  Clerk to action.




a)    C Longbottom – delay in village hall ridge tile repairs + PCllrs contact details.

       Clerk instructed to follow up with Steve Philp and obtain an urgent start date for this work.  Councillors confirmed they were in agreement to a contact list being issued.

b)    NCC – Winter Service – offers of assistance

       There is grit held at Trentfield Farm.  The Clerk was instructed to order the 5 x 25kg sealed bags of salt available free of charge from NCC.  Clerk to action.

       The Clerk was instructed to follow up the grit bin missing from opposite The Ferry Boat Inn.  Replacement was requested and confirmed by E Noble of NCC in January 2011.  Clerk to action.

       Snow Warden – Fred Clark confirmed he was happy to continue in this role and liaise with local farmers/BDC.  Clerk to provide contact details.


John Cobb gave apologies and left the meeting at 8.10pm.


c)    BDC – improving communications between BDC and the Parish Council.

Councillors in agreement to providing BDC with email addresses.

d)    NCC – Street Lighting Energy and Cost Saving.  Consultation for Laneham.

       Clerk to provide Councillors with the website link so that the proposals for Laneham can be urgently considered.  The deadline for comments is 20 September 2011.

e)    NHS Rampton Hospital Community Forum – July minutes

       A copy of the minutes were given to Elaine to review for the next meeting.  EC to action.

f)     Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils – AGM 2011

       Notification of the AGM – Elaine offered to attend on Wednesday 16 November, 7.30pm at Epperstone.  Clerk to provide full details.

It was noted that no correspondence had been received in respect of the Best Kept Village.



-      Noted that tyres had been dumped in Shortleys Lane.  Clerk to contact BDC.

-      3 bags of rubbish had been dumped in each passing bay on Helenship Lane and in the layby at Stokeham and Hoo Lane

-      garden rubbish dumped in Clayhough Lane

Councillors commented that they hoped this was not connected to the closure of Hallcroft tip and urged all to be vigilant and evidence to be reported.

- Village Notice boards.  The Parish Council is seeking a nominated person to be responsible for the notice boards and in particular to organise the display of the Council’s agenda and minutes. 


Fred Clark welcomed the new Clerk to her first meeting who in turn thanked Di Fisher for her assistance during the handover period.


The meeting closed at 8:42pm