Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 12th July 2010 at 7.00 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Neil Spruce, Philip Baines, Gill Barratt, David Myers, Elaine Collier



BD Cllr S Isard and K Isard, PCllr John Cobb, PCllr Gill Barratt, PCllr Corrina Simpson-Kane, PC Bill Bailey, PCSO Clare Walker, CCllr J Hempsall


2.  DECLARATION OF PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS – Elaine Collier – Items 9 and 12(g) from the previous minutes



PC Bailey and PCSO Clare Walker sent their apologies and a crime report.  2 crimes were recorded in Laneham, Theft of a Motor Vehicle and Possession of an offensive weapon.  The crimes were linked and the offender for both has been arrested and charged.  There was nothing else to report.


4.  Minutes of meeting held 10/05/10

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Neil Spruce, seconded by Phil Baines.



a) Planning – Cllr Baines agreed to speak with ex-councillors before the next meeting to get an idea of what will be involved before he makes a commitment to form a sub-committee – C/Fwd to next meeting

b) Broadings Lane – Speed Limit – Cllr Phil Baines has made enquiries into having signage made, but suggested it might be simpler and more economical for the signs to be hand-painted by himself with an offer of assistance from Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane – C/Fwd to next meeting.

c) Street light 36 outside church still does not work– Clerk followed up and will do so again in 2 weeks.


The Meeting was then closed at 7:09 pm to allow public discussion.  Mr Philip Cable reported on progress with the village map competition, the Christmas lights and the Parish Store. 


Village Map Competition:  Response was minimal, therefore rules and conditions of entry will be reviewed at the next Parish meeting as an agenda item to encourage greater participation.


Parish Store: 2 sets of keys exist for the store, Mr Cable will retain one key while finishing works are in progress.  A spare will be stored in the shed in case of emergency and the other set will be kept in a safe place in the village hall.  Lighting in and around the store will be battery or solar powered, or on an ad-hoc basis, via mains extension lead from the village hall.  Mr Cable enquired if CCllr J Hempsall had given the Parish Council a grant towards the project, and advised those present that one of the doors on the store had already been tampered with.  The Parish Council confirmed that no correspondence or monies had been received from CCllr J Hempsall in this respect.  Mr Cable volunteered to have a chat with CCllr J Hempsall to see what possibilities exist to give the archive project a donation/grant.


Christmas Lights: Mr Cable advised that orders for Christmas lights can’t be placed till October, and he advised those present that the switching on of the lights needs to happen before 29th November or someone else will need to take responsibility for the ‘switch on’.  27th November was muted as a possibility – to be added to next month’s meeting agenda.  PCllr Neil Spruce will be the keyholder to the mains switch box in Mr Cables’ absence.


Mr Cable let those present know that he will continue with his existing nominated parish projects until such time that someone else would like to take over.  He is happy to hand over the reigns.


The meeting re-opened at 7:35pm and the following needed further discussion.



a)     Wages for Clerk and Clerk’s expenses June 2010   £91.16  (000820)

b)    Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000819)

c)     NALC – magazine subscription £13.50 (000821)


The above were proposed for payment by PCllr David Myers, seconded by PCllr Phil Baines.




7.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

The questionnaire for residents drafted by the Clerk was approved – PCllr P Baines volunteered to distribute to every residence in Laneham and Church Laneham.


8. TRENTFIELD FARM Do the Parish Council’s comments from 2000 still stand?  (PCllr E Collier left the room while this item was discussed).  It was agreed by those present that the original objections are difficult to justify 10 years on therefore the objection is to be withdrawn.  Clerk to advise Bassetlaw District Council.


9. ARCHIVE PROJECT -  Steady progress is being made – Mr P Cable advised that the electronic equipment should be installed before Christmas.  He then suggested that perhaps an open invitation might be extended to residents who might want to put themselves forward for training in archiving system and actually start archiving Laneham’s historical documents.  Clerk to ascertain maintenance and management arrangements of the store from the Village Hall Committee.


10. TRENTSIDE MEADOW – Project work continues to be carried out by members of the community.  Link person George Scrini has suggested the Parish Council purchase a second-hand hay-cutting machine if grants are available for ecological projects.  George has agreed to check out possible sources of funding, (e.g. Bassetlaw Strategic Partnership environmental sub-group).  Clerk progressed initial enquiries with Bassetlaw SP and will pass information to George.  PCllr E Collier advised grass cuttings on the banks of the Trent is bad environmental practice – can another disposal route be sought?



a)     Parish Councils Liaison Group – Minutes of meeting held 17th February 2010 – the topics of gritting in severe weather conditions and bulky waste disposal had been discussed in detail.  The outcome was that the BDC would maintain consultations with Parish Councils, (there was no commitment to re-start or stop the collections).  At this point in time, no dates have been issued for bulky waste collection in Laneham or neighbouring villages.   Those councillors present agreed to keep abreast of discussions and changes in district council policy regarding bulky waste and report at meetings as and when necessary.

b)    BDC – Re: the ‘Core Strategy’, their letter states that although Laneham is not included for ‘market housing growth’, the Core document may have detailed sites with development proposals of a different nature.  PCllr N Spruce will check the main document if PCllr C Simpson-Kane is unsure as to the point in question re: Core Strategies affecting Laneham.

c)     NCC – Third Local Transport Plan – Questionnaire.  Those present at the meeting completed the questionnaire.  Clerk to post back to NCC.

d)    NCC – Delivery of Local Services – NCC explained that some Parishes can save money by carrying out sub-contract works (hedge cutting, maintenance and repair of public rights of way etc.) themselves.  It was agreed by those present that Laneham is too small a parish to have any financial advantage therefore no further action is necessary.

e)     BDC – Encouraging Play in Rural Areas – Applications for grant aid for rural play development should be received by Tues 31st August 2010.  Clerk to find out what’s involved with application.




a)  The footpath on Dunham Road is obstructed by vigorous hedge growth in some areas – clerk to request hedge maintenance from NCC.

b)  The hedge at the junction of Helenship Lane with Laneham Street (heading into Rampton) needs cutting as visibility is none-existent.  Clerk to request hedge maintenance from NCC.

c)   Bottle Banks need to be re-located.  Clerk to find out who is responsible for the banks and re-siting options.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approx. 8:50pm