Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 12th April 2010 at 7.00 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Councillors George Scrini, Mrs. Brenda Barber, Mrs. Corrina Simpson-Kane, Philip Baines, Fred Clark,  John Cobb, 2 members of the public.



Cllr. Hempsall, PC Bill Bailey, Phil Cable, Cllrs. Mr & Mrs Isard




3.  POLICE REPORT - Nothing to report due to vacations – reports promised for May meeting.



The minutes had been circulated before the meeting.  It was proposed by Cllr Fred Clark and seconded by Cllr Brenda Barber that the minutes were a true record, this was unanimously agreed.



a) Byways  – No news received about non-slip surfacing needed on footbridge over beck.  Laura Summers has inspected the surface condition of Clayhough Lane and imposed a temporary closure notice (8th to 28th April 2010).  Tim Hart was consulted about changing the status of the lane – his reply indicates this would be a very expensive exercise and the Parish Council would have to bear the cost.  However, he also said funding may be available to improve the drainage and condition of the surface which would go some way to helping matters.  GS agreed to follow up these items with LS.

b) Footpath – Bell Holt & Wharf – NCC have advised that they will present a ‘creation order’ at the June committee to have the path formally recorded on the ‘Definitive Map’.

c) Planning – Cllr Cable suggested the Parish Council should consider seeking advice from planning experts.  GS suggested that the Parish Council have a ‘sub-committee’ made up of Councillors who are interested in the subject and who can become well-versed in planning matters.  If they have good communications with planning experts this will allow them to report back efficiently to the Parish Council on planning matters.  The Parish Council agreed with this suggestion.

d) Broadings Lane – surfacing of unadopted section  - Strawsons sent a cheque for £100 with a generous offer of loading shovel and man for a day to help with the levelling.  The recent delivery has only helped level off the lane from the adopted end as far as West View.  The rest of the lane upto the Helenship Lane junction still needs attention.  Action needed:  Cllr Simpson-Kane to contact Cupits for another delivery and to liase with Parish Clerk so that Strawsons can be engaged to assist with the levelling work.  Thank you letter to be sent to Strawsons for their generous offer and donation.

e) Lane Lettings –Tenders for the Lane Lettings were completed and the Parish Council ran the auction on behalf of the Trust to rent Poor Close for 6 months starting from Easter Monday.  Total income from lettings:  £150 from Poor Close; £22 from the Lanes.

f) Broadings Lane – Speed Limit – reply from Gordon Albery (Notts Highway Partnership) – there is no objection to the installation of 20mph signs on the unadopted section of Broadings Lane, Cllr Baines to install the speed signs.  Any removed signage must be returned to the Bolham Lane depot. g) Grass Cutting – The Parish Council was pleased to be advised that ‘Tingdene’ have confirmed they will be cutting the grass frontage on their side of the road.  This leaves the Riverside grass and some of the Parish field in need of maintenance by the Parish Council.  GS to negotiate with Ken Walker the area of coverage and the fees.

h) Parish Field (Trentside Meadow) – Removal of Fence – A letter from Ms Collier (31st March 2010) was circulated to members of the Parish Council.  The Council agreed to send a letter advising Ms Collier that they saw no need to reconsider the decisions made at previous meetings.

i) Village Map Notice Board – Cllr Cable advised work has started though confirmation is needed for precise location and the County Council responded positively to the suggestion that local under 16’s can submit a competition entry to design an index and key for the final map.

j) Lamppost 13 – light is on all day – Clerk to request County Council to repair and also send letter of thanks for their prompt response to other recent lamppost repairs

k) Bus Service to Church Laneham – a request has been made to investigate the possibility of extending the bus service to Church Laneham – Clerk to contact public transport department.


The Meeting was then closed for 10 minutes to allow public discussion after which it was reopened and the following needed further discussion.


The delivery arrangements for the holiday homes at Manor Farm were discussed.  On occasion, the delivery arrangements mean that the road is blocked for around 2 hours, forcing villagers to drive on the grass when they need access to and from their homes.  It would appear that recent deliveries had taken place during un-predictable flooding which led to complications.  Normally tides and flooding risks are taken into account; Mr Myers stated that any future disruption would be kept to a minimum.


Cllrs John Cobb and Corrina Simpson-Kane excused themselves from the meeting after the public discussion.



a)     Mr Walker Sweeping and Litter picking (March 2010) £18.00  (000800)

b)    Caretaker £350.16  (000801)

c)     Cllr Simpson-Kane – 2 lots of planings for Broadings Lane  £250 (000802)

d)    Cllr Cable – Creosote & Shuttering Boards for storage building £52.80 (000803)

e)     Lee Sinclair – renewal of Parish website domain name £14.98 (000804)

f)     Steve Philp – concrete base laid for storage building £140 (000807)


The above were proposed for payment by Cllr Clark, seconded by Cllr Mrs. Barber and unanimously agreed.



The Financial Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2010 prepared by Ann Leather, Clerk to the Parish Council, were distributed prior to the meeting.  It was suggested that £122.87 leftover from the Bus Shelter project be transferred into the main deposit account.  It was agreed by all present that all transactions were conducted and recorded appropriately.  The Year End Accounts were approved by all present and signed off by GS. 


GS proposed that Mr John Smith of North House, Main Street, Laneham, be asked to perform an internal audit of the accounts.  This was seconded by Cllr Clark.


8.  PLANNING APPLICATION – Eagle House Garage – renewal of permission to erect detached house and garage and site temporary caravan – no objections.


9.  PLANNING APPLICATION – Endon House – Construct extension to the rear of Endon House and provide a Garden Room/Lounge – no objections.


10. ARCHIVE PROJECT – The concrete base for the storage building has been laid and will take another 3 weeks to dry out properly.  £250 has been received from Cllr Isard to contribute directly towards the purchase of computer equipment and £1,000 has been received from the Village Hall Committee.  ‘Thank You’ letters to be sent by Clerk.


11.  MAY MEETINGS -  No Parish Council election needs to take place on this occasion therefore both the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday 10th May 2010.



a)     Emergency Planning – to be added to agenda at May 2010 meeting

b)    Anonymous letter complaining about anti-social behaviour was circulated.  Parish Council Policy states that a formal response is not required due to anonymity therefore no further action is required; however the observations made in the letter have been noted.

c)     Rampton Hospital Community Forum invited a representative of the Parish Council to attend their meeting on 15th April.  Unfortunately the invitation was received too late in the day to respond to.

d)     NALC –Training Day – employment issues – carried forward to May 2010 meeting.

e)     County Council Civic Service 2010 – invitation – carried forward to May 2010 meeting.



a) GS reported that new lane name signage has been installed but the indicator arrows are pointing the wrong direction.  GS has informed the appropriate department.

b) Chairman – this was the last meeting for the current Chairman, George Scrini.  He thanked everyone present for their support over the last 4 years.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approx. 9.00 p.m.