Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 12th February, 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr G. Scrini, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark, P Baines, P Cable,  F. Clark, and J. Cobb,


1.       APOLOGIES

County Cllr J. Hempsall






The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr. Mrs. B. Barber proposed that the minutes were a correct record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mr. F. Clark and unanimously agreed.



a)       Manor House The response from BDC was made available to all.  BDC has suggested that it would be better if councillors went to them.  This offer is to be taken up.  There are several planning matters that the council have not been satisfied with and a meeting is to be requested to discuss these concerns.

b)       Village Hall only one quote received to date.  Local person to be contacted and contact to be made with Mr. Weston of the probation service again.

c)       BBC Project a reply from Breathing Spaces is not expected until the end of May.

d)       Bridleway 25 Confirmation of the status of Trentfield Lane and Wharf Road has now been confirmed as Bridleway and Restricted Byway respectively.  The notice is to be posted on the Notice Boards, in Roundabout and the Retford Times.  Eddie Brennen to be contacted about the signs and gates etc.

e)       Land Registry the deeds for the village hall have now been obtained and these are to be sent on to LR.  The Chairman is following up the Statutory Declarations etc.

f)        Trees Mr. Simpkins has met with Cllr F. Clark.  The deceased fruit trees are to be removed and replaced with maples, this should be done within the next 6 weeks.

g)       Bus Shelter no update from the developer.  It was agreed that before the next meeting a sketch to be made of what the council expects the new shelter to look like.    Further damage has been done to the new shelter.  It was suggested that Rampton Hospital Maintenance Department is contacted to see if they can help with the repairs.

h)       BBC Project Church Wall Church Council to meet later this week

i)        Web Site  - the Chairman hopes to become involved in the updating of the website.

j)        Parking at Ferry Boat  - improvements to the frontage of the pub have been carried out by their staff and this has already improved the area.

k)      Parish Plan A meeting had been held and a junior questionnaire is to be distributed.  A 32-page document has now been prepared (copy given to Cllr Mrs. Barber) The Chairman has been appointed as scribe.  Raw data now to be boxed and stored.  A quotation has been received for printing the document.  Volunteers have come forward to use the Radar Gun.  A local hardware store has donated reflector warning signs, which have been put on the Dunham Road Bridge.  Cllr. Cable is to obtain more from NCC.  He also requested more council support at Parish Plan meetings.

l)        Weight Restrictions letter received from Mr. Statham explaining the local policy.  He is to be requested to inspect the bridge in Church Laneham.

m)     Christmas Tree Lights have now been removed and stored.  About 2 dozen new lamps and gaiters will be needed before next year.

n)       Police no response to letter sent.  To be followed up by asking the Chief Superintendent to attend a future meeting.

o)       School Bus Fares information received has been passed to Cllr. Cable.  Further information was given to Cllr. Cable to pass on after the meeting.





No public in attendance


6.  PLANNING APPLICATION Land adj. Beech Farm, erect 4 bed house and garage and construct new access.

The plans were inspected and discussed, but as there was no dimensions provided BDC to be advised that no decision could be reached until this information is provided.  The Parish Plan guidelines were used when discussing this application.



a)       NALC Subscription 57.29 (000628)

b)       K R Hewitt- Hedge Cutting PC, 52.87  (000629)

c)       J. Colley Tree Felling WR, 141.00 (000630)  (Cllr Cobb declared an interest)

d)       Caretaker  350.00  (000631)

Cllr. Mrs. Barber proposed the accounts be approved for payment; this was seconded by Cllr. F. Clark and agreed.



The document has been considered and it was agreed that Option 3 was the preferred option.



 It was suggested the council needs a policy to deal with this.  At the moment appealing to parents via Roundabout seems to be having some impact.  The council need to keep this momentum going.



Councillors Baines and Mrs. A. Clark apologised for not having had the time to do anything about this to date.  Needs to be on AGENDA for next meeting.



Need to make a list of what needs doing around the village before next meeting.  In the meantime Cllr Cobb offered to varnish the notice boards and seats.



a)       EON  - have provided a kit as an example of what people should collect together in case of power cuts.  The information to be put in Roundabout.

b)       BCVS training course information circulated.

c)       Mobile Contact Point confirmation now received that this vehicle will be replaced and should be back on the road by spring.

d)       BDC. Annual Spring Clean will take place between 11-29th  April. 

e)       Planning Miles End Cottage approved.

f)        Age Concern poster regarding Befriending Scheme received, had been put in Roundabout.

g)       BBC Annual Event, Boughton Pumping Station, 12th June.  It is hoped Cllr. F. Clark will attend.

h)       NALC Freedom of Information Publication current scheme has been extended by a further two years.

i)        NALC Post Office Closures please let the government know your views via

j)        NALC Northern Area Committee - next meeting 19th February, Retford Town Hall.

k)      NCC Adoption of Notts Statement of Community Involvement final version will be available by end of April copy to be obtained at that time.

l)        NCC Local Government White Paper agreed to support improved two-tier structure.

m)     Standards Board Survey to be completed by Chairman and Clerk.

n)       Police summary of Budget proposals for 2007/8 received.

o)       DARE scheme may be coming to an end; the council had no opinion on this.



a)       Passing Bays, Church Laneham being used as parking bays.  To request double yellow are put across front of bays. 

b)       Ditch the ditch alongside the road at Manor House needs cleaned out to assist with drainage, Tingdene to be contacted.

c)       Parish Plan Cllr Cable referred to a comment by BDC that they did not know of the Parish Plan; he has now located a copy of the correspondence with John King of BDC regarding Core Strategy.

d)       Email correspondence file available on table.

e)       Hoo Lane it was agreed to write to Anglian Water asking for the lane to be reinstated to a good condition after the work they have done.

f)        Lay-by Stokeham Road some dumping has taken place.

g)       Helenships more traffic using, reflector posts damaged. 

h)       Trentfield Lane gate not wide enough for maintenance vehicles.  AGENDA


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.45 p.m.