Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 12th November, 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr G. Scrini, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark,  P. Baines,  P. Cable, F. Clark. J. Cobb.  1 member of the public. 



Cllr. J. Hempsall



 None.  Some discussion took place about personal and prejudicial interests and how these applied to councillors.



The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting Cllr F. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting; this was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. A. Clark and unanimously agreed.



a) Meadow Project – A grant of £250 has been received from Notts Wildlife Trust towards the cost of seed.  The field has been levelled and rotovated.  There had been some access problems but these had been sorted out and the work completed

b) Village Hall – some pointing and tile repairs needed.  Cllr Baines to inspect and if necessary contact a builder as a matter of urgency.

c) Bridleway 25 – The delays in this matter are not acceptable and an unacceptable lack of support from NCC was noted.  A strong letter to go to NCC, copied to NCC Legal Dept, and John Hempsall.  It is now thought time for some press coverage on this matter.

d) Land Registry – the Chairman has submitted the forms to the Land Registry.  They will contact the Chairman if there are any queries.  Could be a problem with registering the grass verges and lanes.

e) Bus Shelter – Work has started although temporarily halted due to theft of equipment from the adjoining building site.  More donations/loans have been received. The grant application will go in this week.  Copy of latest bank statement to be sent to Cllr Cable.  Loan agreement documents will be sent out as soon as the printing problems are overcome.

f) Trees, Main Street –no response from Mr. Simpkins yet.

g) Parish Plan – a grant of £2650 have been received towards the cost of publishing the plan.  There will be a meeting on 17th November to complete the action plan and choose the photos.  It is hoped as many councillors as possible will support this meeting.  Auction now to be organised at a later date.

h) Village Maintenance – the lamps at Church Laneham have been inspected and found to be in good order.  The footpath has already been resurfaced and a very good job made of it.  Cllr Baines has also inspected the fence at the Playing Field and the necessary repairs have been made by another resident free of charge.

i) Dog Owners – the new bins are now in place.  Check to be made on the arrangements for emptying the bins.

k) Church Clock – a letter from the clockmakers was read which explained the reasons for the hammer siting.  The Church Council have confirmed verbally that their insurance now covers the clock against theft and storm damage

l) Over Trent Piece – The Chairman and Tony Hutchinson will be visiting shortly

m) Christmas Lights – new lights have been obtained for Church Laneham, and new bulbs and gaiters for the other set of lights at a total cost of £139.42.

n) Code of Conduct – notes circulated.    AGENDA



No items needed further discussion


6.  PLANNING  - Springfield Cottage – erect Conservatory

The plans and notes were inspected and discussed.  7 out of 7 councillors voted in favour of the application.


PLANNING –Barns at Beech Farm – convert redundant barns to 2 new dwellings (resubmission)

The plans were inspected and discussed. Some alterations were noted.  7 out of 7 councillors voted in favour of the application with some comments being made.  The council would have preferred smaller units in accordance with the draft Parish Plan and Bassetlaw Building Policy.  It was also noted there are still a number of windows that will overlook the proposed adjacent property.



a)       Megan Rumens, footpaths  £35.00 (000661)

b)       Hacker Young – Audit  £158.63 (000665)

c)       Caretaker £341.66 (000666)

d)       P Cable – Christmas Lights £139.42  (000667)

e)       Fledgelings - £20.00 (000668)

Cllr. F. Clark proposed approval of payments, seconded by Cllr. G Scrini and unanimously agreed.


a)       £1175 received for Bus Shelter Fund

b)       Parish Plan Grant  £2650  No payment made from this to date.

c)       Seed Grant £250



The letter had been acknowledged by the Chairman.  A draft response was discussed and some amendments were suggested, some of which were implemented after voting.



Cllr Cable has done some checks on litter etc and found the new bins are not being emptied.  Nor is there enough room in these bins for all the rubbish.  May be necessary to ask residents if they have space in their bins for some filled plastic bags.  Certain places such as outside the pubs and Optivite are the worst for litter.  Some approaches to be made.  It seems that the Fire Brigade is not servicing the hydrants.  Further checks to be made before contacting the Fire Chief.



a)       Trent Vale has received a Heritage Lottery Grant of £1.76 million for development of the Trent Valley.

b)       BDC have advised that Mr. Stephen Phillips has been appointed Bassetlaw’s Electoral Services Officer

c)       Code of Conduct Training – further session to be held, the Clerk and Cllr. Mrs. Barber to attend on 11th December at Worksop Town Hall.

d)       Notts Police Authority Volunteers for Custody Visiting Scheme –poster provided

e)       NALC –information received regarding a recommended alternative insurer, the Chairman to peruse.

f)        Fledgelings – after discussion it was agreed to donate £20.00

g)       Mr. Rumen’s letter – the Chairman had already spoken to Mr. Rumens regarding the content of the letter.

h)       BDC Licensing Act – information given to Cllr Cable to read.

i)        Planning Decision – Change of use from arable land to storage at Melson House – refused

j)        Planning Application – Meadowside, - Erect new dwelling – application withdrawn

k)       Planning Application – Erect detached house and garage adjacent Beech Farm Appeal to take place at Retford Town Hall on 9th January.  Some councillors to attend.

l)        Planning Application -  Outline Application for Development of Optivite – permission granted.



a)       Speeding, Church Laneham – may have a case for extending 30 mph speed limit.

b)       Parish Plan – 19th January volunteers needed from Morris Dancing.

c)       Salt Hopper – needs replacing

d)       Road Sign, Stokeham Road entrance needs repaired.

e)       Logs, Wharf Road – Cllr Cobb offered to make into seats.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.35 p.m.ALL hALL h