Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 11th October 2010 at 7.08 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Philip Baines, John Cobb, Elaine Collier, BD Cllr Shirley Isard and Keith Isard, PC Bill Bailey, PCSO Clare Walker, CCllr John Hempsall



Elaine proposed Corrinna as Chair – seconded by Phil Baines.  John proposed Phil as Vice-Chair, seconded by Elaine.



P Cllr Gill Barratt, P Cllr Corrinna Simpson-Kane, P Cllr David Myers,






There have been no reported crimes in Laneham or Church Laneham in the last month.  PC Bill Bailey updated the Parish Council that the Mobile Community Contact Unit service has finished mainly due to budget cuts and investment in PCSO’s.  PC Bailey also explained that he has to produce a quarterly report for Tuxford and Trent Ward using crime statistics which helps them to determine their priorities.  The results of the most recent quarterly report has highlighted Speeding as the No. 1 priority, Anti-social Behaviour as No. 2 and Litter as No. 3.


PC Bailey confirmed there have been no reports of ‘mane tagging’ or horse thefts in the area over recent months.


5.  Minutes of meeting held 13/09/10

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Elaine, seconded by John Cobb.



a) Planning – A letter of invitation has been received from BDC for a training session in the planning process on 21st October 2010.  Elaine, Phil and the Clerk to attend.

b) Broading Lane – Speed Limit – Cllr Phil Baines advised his first quote for 2 x 20mph speed limit signs was £77.20 – Clerk to report on funds next meeting before Phil proceeds with order.

c) Street light 36 – Clerk requested updated from NCC – feedback was ‘works are scheduled’ but a date was not forthcoming.

d) Core Strategy Document – Work in progress, Phil and Corrinna still working their way through the document.

e) Bottle Banks – Clerk has spoken to Mr Richard Scragg, owner of the old Optivite site.   He has kindly agreed for the banks to be sited on the frontage temporarily until January 2011 when works are anticipated to start on those premises.  Once works have completed, he has promised to do what he can to continue to accommodate the banks permanently within his site for the benefit of the environment and the residents of the village.  The Council gratefully received other location suggestions forwarded by Chrissy Longbottom which were considered and discussed, but the Parish Council favoured locating the bottle banks fairly centrally within the village and will pursue the kind offer from Mr Richard Scragg.  Clerk to organise relocation of the bottle banks.

f) Footpaths and BywaysSafety - Clerk has compiled photos and letters to detail the maintenance and repairs that is needed for 3 footpath bridges (non-slip surface), one set of steps on footpath adjacent to Wharf Road, two willow trees with broken branches on the edge of Wharf Road by the Trent in Church Laneham and the continued impassibility of Clayhough Lane.

g)  Bus Stop (Broading Lane) – request was included with letter in section f to repair and re-furbish the bus stop.

h) Rural Housing – short discussion re: need for supported housing within the village.  Due mainly to lack of amenities, the view as taken that Laneham is not suitable for this kind of development.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:30 pm to allow public discussion. 


Phil Cable requested that the Christmas Lights be considered a ‘project’ for Agenda purposes.  The new lights sponsored by George Scrini are due to be delivered before end of October 2010.  Phil advised that spare ‘transformers’ were not available at a viable cost, therefore if anything were to go wrong with the electrics, that the spare transformer can only accommodate 200 lights (there will be approx. 400 in use on the tree in Main Street at the junction with Dunham Road).


George Scrini and Phil Cable will install the lights w/c 21st November.  Safety checks etc. will be done by Neil Spruce in Phil’s absence.


The meeting re-opened at 7:38pm and the following needed further discussion.



a)     Wages for Clerk July 2010   £79.16  (000829)

b)    Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000830)

c)     Ken Walker – Grass cuttings £55.00 (000827)


*Ken Walker thanked the Council for the work contracted with him this year and suggests that due to favourable grass-growing weather conditions, an additional cut may be prudent before the end of the year.  Accounts to be produced next month prior to authorising the additional £55.


The above were proposed for payment by Phil, seconded by John.



There has been no interest shown in the vacancy in the last 8 weeks.  Vacancy to be kept open and advertising to be reviewed in 2011.


10.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

The overall response from residents is that they think an Emergency Plan is worthwhile and they would like the Parish to pursue this.  To be discussed in more detail next meeting.



Discussion started but due to the departure of P Cllr John Cobb at 8pm the meeting had to formally close without this agenda item being concluded.


The meeting was formally closed at 8pm due to there only being 2 councillors present – a quorum of 3 councillors is needed for parish meetings to take place.


The following agenda items were not discussed or addressed and will be carried forward to the next meeting on 8th November 2010:


11)     Archive Project

12)     Trentside Meadow

13)     Village Map – Judging of Final Entries

14)     Wind Farm Survey Results

15)     Correspondence

16)     Laneham Last Month