Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. on Monday, 11th July, 2005 in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr. Lee Sinclair, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. R. Whate, P. Beresford, F. Clark, J. Cobb, Dist. Cllr M. Jenkins and 2 members of the public


1.       APOLOGIES

Cllr Mrs. A. Clark, County Cllr. J. Hempsall





3.    MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 13.6.05 & 27.6.05

The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr. F. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. R. Whate and unanimously agreed.



a)       Village Hall – Cllr. Mrs. A. Clark was not present to advise if the inspection of building had been carried out.

b)       Parish Plan – No councillors had attended the meeting on 16th June.  The Chairman closed the council meeting to allow Mr. Cable to give a report of the meeting.  He advised that a further meeting has been arranged for 21.7.05 and they would appreciate it if at least two councillors could attend.  It has been arranged to advise all parishioners of the meeting and invite them to attend.  He advises that some grants are available and that they are working to the Countryside Agency Guidelines.  Some work has already been done on house and street names.  Jonathan Dawson attended their meeting and it was suggested the council invite him to one of their meetings also. The meeting was then reopened for council business.

c)       Maintenance, Broadings Lane – the planings are being used.

d)       Bell Holt and Wharf –a van has been seen parked on the common land – to be monitored.

e)       Fishing Club Agreement – the signed agreement together with a cheque for £150 has now been received from the Fishing Club.  However, a copy of the rules requested has not yet been received, the council are waiting for this before signing.  Mr. Holden to be advised.

f)        BBC Project - a letter has been received from Nic Wort and a copy was given to all councillors.  The council has been awarded a grant of £20,000.  This was discussed and it was agreed to accept the offer and ask how we now proceed.  The meeting was also advised that further grants are now available for the next financial year.  The Clerk reminded the council that John Hempsall had suggested applying for funding under this scheme for the extra lights at the Stokeham Road junction if NCC didn’t do the work.  This will need consideration.

g)       Footpath Dunham Road to C2 – Laura Summers has advised that this path ends at the Dunham Road Bridge it does not proceed to the C2.  The Clerk was asked to advise that Footpath 21 is now over grown.

h)       Signs etc  - sign work still not completed.

i)        BDC – The Chairman had been unable to attend the meeting and no minutes have been received yet.  However, Cllr Jenkins had attended and gave a short resume of the meeting.

j)        Best Kept Village  - it is thought the first round of the judging has now taken place.

k)      Environment Agency – Cllr Mrs. Whate also expressed an interest to attend this forthcoming meeting.

l)        Public Discussion – it was suggested that this be moved to be start of the meeting, but it was agreed that it was in the correct place  i.e. after the minutes have been discussed.

m)     Village Hall Grounds – Colin has advised that he has done the clean up.

n)       Grass at Bridge Railings – no response from NCC.

o)       Trentfield Lane/Wharf Road -  the recent letter from Tallents was circulated and discussed and it was agreed that the Land Registry should be consulted regarding the query.




The council meeting was closed and opened to the public.  After it was reopened the following needed discussion.

a)       Ramp on Bell Holt and Wharf – is available for parishioners to launch boats from but only providing Boat Club rules are adhered to. 

b)       Neighbourhood Watch – the query about this was answered by saying that the Scheme does not seem to be active anymore.

c)       Speeding Scooter – the council thought this was a matter to take up with the Police not the council.



a)        One request has been received for a copy of the accounts.  This had been issued and an invoice sent.

b)       Hacker Young have acknowledged receipt of the accounts.

c)       Payment received from British Waterways for Over Trent Piece £69.77.

d)       Cheque for £125 received from Boat Club – this to be passed to Church

e)       Colin Gaisford £28.00 (000567)

f)        Caretaker £333.33 (000569)

g)       Gift for Jane Holden for internal audit £13.47 (000568)


It was proposed by Cllr. P. Beresford that these invoices be paid.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. R. Whate and unanimously agreed.




a)       Colin Gaisford – once again advised dog fouling is still a problem.  He has done the extra work cleaning outside the village and cut the grass on Main Street.  Invoices to be requested.  He also advised that conifer clippings are being dumped in the long grass.  Cllr F. Clark to speak to him about this.  He has requested that LIDB be requested to pipe and fill in the first section of the ditch at Moor Lane opposite the seat.  LIDB to be contacted.

b)       Planning – the two applications to rebuild the wall at The Croft have been approved.

c)       DEFRA – Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 – information received regarding dog fouling to be put on next Agenda.

d)       BDC – advised that the next Cabinet meeting would be on 26th July at Sturton.

e)       Environment Agency Tidal Trent River Flood Risk – copies of the documents given to Cllrs. F. Clark and Mrs. R. Whate for consideration – any comments to be returned by September.

f)        Letter from Mr. J. Hardman – copies had been circulated and the letter discussed and a reply drafted.  One of the points raised concerned “Brown Leisure Signs” – the council agreed that these would need planning permission and if and when this was presented to the council it would discuss and comment on this matter then.



a)       Cllr. F. Clark informed the council that Mr. Goodridge has resigned as Chairman of the village hall committee.


There was no further business and the meeting closed at  8.50 p.m.