Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 11th February, 2008 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.

PRESENT: Councillors G. Scrini (Chairman), Mrs. B. Barber, F. Clark, P. Cable, J. Cobb,  C.Cllr John Hempsall,  PC Bailey and two members of the public.



Cllr Mrs. A. Clark and Cllr P. Baines



 Cllr. Mrs. Barber declared a prejudicial interest in Item 7. 



The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting Cllr F. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting; this was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Barber and unanimously agreed.



a) Meadow Project – a meeting had taken place and a management plan drawn up to move the project forward. 

b) Village Hall – Cllr. Baines was not present.

c) Bridleway 25 – Progress is being made at last. The No Public Right of Way signs have now been removed.  Most of the other signs are now in place or will be shortly.    Cllr. Hempsall explained that the long delay had been caused by legal negotiations. 

d) Land Registry – the questions have now been answered.

e) Bus Shelter – Work is almost finished.  BDC have agreed to consider the grant application again on 12th March.  The electrics and acknowledgements board still need funding.  Another £70 donation has been received.  Loan agreement forms have now been distributed.

f) Trees, Main Street –no response from Mr. Simpkins  - Cllr Hempsall agreed to follow up.

g) Parish Plan –all the Parish Plan documentation was handed to The Chairman while Cllr. Cable is on holiday.  Some photos will not copy into the printed format and more will have to be taken, but it is still hoped the document will cone in on time.  The next event, at which it is hope to distribute the plan, will take place on 17th May.  The event will be an American themed evening, support is requested for food prep etc plus as much support from councillors as possible.

h) Village Maintenance –  Hoo Lane – Anglian Water representatives did not attend the meeting as arranged, which was very disappointing as farmers and councillors were present.  The Chairman has now written to Anglian Water to tell them what needs to be done.  Grass Cutting - two quotes have been received, letters of thanks to be sent for these.   However, as they are not to the same specification it was agreed to draw up a specification to send to both parties and ask them to resubmit a quote to spec.   Sub committee of G. Scrini, F. Clark and,  J Cobb was appointed, they also need to discuss a spec. for litter picking. Helenship Lane – BDS have confirmed this is an adopted road. Flooding – Severn Trent have replied to our letter, once again saying that the problems are not their responsibility.  No response from BDC – to be followed up.  Flood Boards – Environment Agency have confirmed that the boards are stored at the Askham depot and that “The Agency continuously monitors levels in the River Trent and Laneham Beck, and will install the boards, or place sandbags if considered more appropriate, when the levels in the beck coincide with River Trent flows of 850 cumecs (cubic metres per second) and rising. Broadings Lane – Cllr Clark has contacted Tarmac who said we are top of the list for planings, but do not have any at the moment.  In view of the state of the lane it was agreed that some material should be purchased and Cllr Clark was given a budget of £200 to £250 to obtain a load of suitable material. 

i) Christmas Lights –  Cllr Cable has a copy of the Report on the current state of the Church.  The Church Council are not considering the electrics as a priority; they have other items needing attention first.  Cllr Cable stated that it would need approximately £350 to ensure there are lights on the tree next year.  Cllr F. Clark offered to investigate the situation.

j) Fire Hydrants –reply has been received saying hydrants were inspected in 2006 and are due for inspection again in 2009.  The council are not happy with this situation and photos showing poor state of hydrant marker posts and covers are to be sent to the Fire Brigade.

k) Planning – BDC have advised that due to staffing problems the alleged breaches of planning have not yet been followed up.  The situation at Holly Folly Farm needs further investigation. 

l) Code of Conduct – Cllr Isard has not got back to us regarding the format of public discussion.  Cllr. Barber asked why Laneham was not included in the recent advert in the local paper of councils who had adopted the code.  This was because it was already in the earlier advert in October. 

m) Precept – forms have been submitted.  BDC have now confirmed Concurrent Function Grant is £212 and Street Cleaning Grant is £196


The meeting was closed for Public Discussion after which it was reopened and the following discussed.

Cllr Cobb left the meeting


Ground opposite Ferry Boat Inn – it was discussed and agreed to contact BDC and the Brewery re. improving this area for parking.

Helenship Lane – inform NCC of damaged reflector/marker posts.




a)       NALC  Sub  £60.88  (000677)

b)       KR Hewitt Poor Close hedge cutting £47.00 (000678)

c)       Caretaker £341.66 (000679)

d)       PMC Hire of Digger £64.63  (000680)

e)       G. Scrini  Bulbs £15.00  (000681)

Cllr. Mr. F. Clark proposed approval of payments, seconded by Cllr Mrs. B. Barber and unanimously agreed.


7.PLANNING APPLICATION –Manor House Caravan Park

Cllr Mrs. Barber had declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting.

a)       Variation of Conditions of Existing Planning Permission – Two out of three councillors voted against this proposal.

b)       Change of use of existing Laundry Block to Shop – three out of three councillors voted in favour of the proposal.

c)       Relocation of 50 Holiday Static Vans from Site A to Site B – three out of three councillors voted against this proposal.

d)       An unrestricted area being extended to the whole of Site A in order to accommodate 40 Park Home Residential Units – two out of three councillors vote against this proposal.

The full comments and reasons are attached to the planning application response.



a)       BDC Street Naming and Numbering Old Cottage Development – Suggested Plot 1 Bramley House, Plot 2 Pippin Cottage, Plot 3 Russett Cottage,  Plot 4 Lambourne House, Plot 5, The Old Cottage and Plot 6 Blacksmiths Cottage.  The councillors agreed with all except Plot 1, as there is a Bramble House just round the corner on Main Street and this may cause some confusion.

b)       NCC Draft Guidance on the Validation Of Planning Applications – Consultation – copies of the document were distributed.

c)       BDC Planning Application Beech Farm – Permission Granted.

d)       Mind requested monetary contribution – declined

e)       Communities – Consultation on Orders and Regulations Relating to the conduct of local Authority members – The Chairman took the document.

f)        Bassetlaw Spring Clean = 20th April – 4th May  AGENDA for next meeting to decide date.

g)       BDC Planning in Bassetlaw – a guide for members and parishes, Chairman to copy and distribute.

h)       Audit Commission – advised the new auditor for the next five years will be Clement Keys.

i)         NCC Rights of Way Improvement Plan  CD rom given to Chairman.

j)        Charity Commission – News magazine given to Cllr. F. Clark.

k)       CAB Poster for Board

l)         NHS Next meeting of Rampton Hospital Community Forum 27th March

m)     NCC Library Lover’s Week poster for Board




a)       Holly Tree at Ring 0’Bells needs pruning – Cllr Cobb to be asked to do this.

b)       Cllr Cable said the web site was not up to date.  Needs checking.

c)       Youths gathering in the village – PC Bailey to keep an eye on the situation and check where they “hang out”.

d)       Parking at the Old Cottage Site – needs to be monitored.

e)       Do we need dog bins on Wharf Road?

f)        Ditch at Stokeham entrance to village needs cleared.

g)       PC Bailey said there had been no reported crime since the last meeting.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 8.58 p.m.ALL hALL h