Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 11th December, 2006 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr G. Scrini, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, P Baines, P Cable,  F. Clark, J. Cobb and 1 member of the public.


1.       APOLOGIES

Cllr Mrs. A. Clark






The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr. Mr. f. Clark proposed that they were a correct record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mr. J. Cobb and unanimously agreed.



P. C. Bailey, who is responsible for Laneham attended the meeting.  The village has three problems at the moment – illegal motorbikes, petty vandalism and speeding.  P. C. Bailey addressed all three problems.  Regarding the motorbikes it is very difficult to catch them, despite increased visits to the village the bikes have gone when the police get here.  If they are caught the police do have powers to confiscate the bikes.  Names and addresses of the offenders are the best help but these do not seem to be forthcoming.  The Chairman was complimented on his article in Roundabout regarding the motorbikes.   Vandalism – is another case of having to catch the culprits in action.  Speeding – an extra problem has occurred whilst there has been traffic lights on the C2.  Cars are avoiding the lights by speeding through the village.  It is possible to borrow a hand held speed gun, volunteers are needed for this process but it is something to think about.  The Chairman thanked P.C. Bailey for attending the meeting.



a)       Manor House – BDC have acknowledged the council’s letter advising them that the council do not believe that the site has ever operated a 12 month opening policy.  Cllr. Cable referred to the comment by BDC that they did not know about the Parish Plan.  Correspondence has already taken place about this.  The Chairman will refer to this in his letter to BDC regarding the caravan site.

b)       Village Hall – a quote has been requested for the further work needed to make good the building.  A letter has also been received from the Village Hall Committee asking for assistance with redecorating the main hall.  After discussion it was agreed to obtain 3 quotes for this work.  The contact to be Cllr Cobb.

c)       BBC Project – the grant forms for assistance with the wildflower meadow have now been completed and submitted by the Chairman.  Cllr.  Cable suggested a litter pick of the field needs to be carried out.  Some trees on Wharf Road are also in need of attention, Cllrs. Cable and Cobb agreed to attend to this before the next meeting.

d)       Bridleway 25 – no further information received.  However, the statutory notices have now been displayed for the correct amount of time and it is hoped a decision will be reached by February next year.

e)       Land Registry – all the necessary maps have now been obtained.  Now that Over Trent Piece has been marked the applications will be submitted to the Land Registry.

f)        Planning, Trentfield Caravan Site – the reply from BDC was read to the meeting and discussed.  Still not getting a definitive reply.  The Chairman to include the council’s views in his letter.

g)       Trees – the tree warden confirmed he would inspect the tree on Wednesday 6th December.

Cllr Cobb left the meeting.

h)       Bus Shelter – The Shelter has been demolished apart from the gable end wall, which is still standing.  The bricks and tiles that could be salvaged have been stored.  The Chairman is to contact the Developer to get an idea of the cost to rebuild, and then quotes and grants will need to be investigated.

i)        Village Playground – Cllr Baines requested a copy of the proposed lease, so he could discuss this Cllr. Mrs. A. Clark, hopefully before the next meeting.

j)        Maintenance – the bins outside the Ferry Boat and at Top Town Bridge need emptying regularly.  BDC to be asked if the bin can do this on their fortnightly run.  Cllr Cable suggested that if everyone picked up any litter as they were going up and down the village this would be setting a good example. Church Laneham Sign still not replaced and light at Church needs reporting.

k)      BBC Project Church Wall – Cllr Clark had received some estimates for work needing to be done.  It is obvious the BBC grant is not going to be enough for all the work. Some faculty forms also need to be completed, Cllr. F. Clark to do this.  Cllr Cable expressed concerns about what the council is committing to.   It was agreed he should look at all the paperwork with Cllr. F. Clark.


The meeting was closed for Public Discussion after which it was reopened and the following discussed further.



a)        Web Site – not up to date.  This is done on a voluntary basis but the comment will be passed on.

b)       Grass Verge, Helenships – damage done by a large lorry attempting to turn round, deep ruts to be reported to NCC

c)       Seating Area in Parish Field – the Chairman to look at before deciding what needs to be done.

d)       Parking at Ferry Boat – the Chairman to visit and discuss.



a)       Lincoln Copy Shop  - LR Maps  £120.00  (000623)

b)       Hacker Young – Audit  £141.00 (000624) Audit completed without problems. Notice displayed.

c)       Caretaker’s Fee - £350 (000625)

The accounts were discussed, after which Cllr. Mrs B. Barber proposed that the accounts were paid, Cllr. F. Clark seconded this and this was unanimously agreed.

The Poor Close Trustees have awarded three grants; one included a donation to the Christmas Party.  The hedge cutting will be organised shortly.


8.       PARISH PLAN

The Data gathered is to be analysed by a statistician before moving on the drafting stage.  It is hoped the draft will be brought to the next meeting.  It was agreed to continue with the Planning Section as previously agreed.  Cllr. Cable asked if the committee still have the full support of the Parish Council this was confirmed, and it is hoped more councillors will attend future meetings.



Cllr Cable spoke of his concerns re planning – it was agreed the basic planning rules would be adhered to.



a)       A1 Housing – letter re A1 was discussed and it was noted that improvements are being made.  There is a need for this property and the council agreed to promote their work.

b)       NCC re Weight Restrictions – although not applying to any bridges in the parish it was agreed to advise NCC about the concerns of the restriction being lifted from the Dunham Road bridge, it is not suitable for heavy lorries on this narrow road.

c)       Planning – Garage at Beckside approved

d)       Planning – Old Cottage Development approved

e)       PC Liaison Group – next meeting 14th February, 2007

f)        BDC Double Taxation – the Chairman to peruse the information.

g)       BDC Local Development Framework – The Chairman to peruse information

h)       NRCC Training-  Cllr Cable to look at information.

i)        BDC – dates of bulky refuse collections copied to Cllrs. F. Clark and the Chairman.



a)       Cllr Clark noted the Christmas Tree lights were not working.  Cllr Baines to contact electrician.

b)       Hoo Lane – contractors working on sewers.  It is hoped the lane will be left in good order. 


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.40 p.m.