Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 10 December 2012 at 7.00pm at the Village Hall, Laneham.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Phil Baines (Chair), Fred Clark, John Cobb, Elaine Collier,

Gavin Sumnall. In attendance: Susan Flye (Clerk)

BDC Councillor S Isard, PC B Bailey (part)


Notts County Councillor J Hempsall, BDC Councillor K Isard, David Myers



PC Bailey reported to the meeting that there had been 2 crimes since the last meeting – a theft by an
employee and the theft of a transformer stolen on 7 November from the rear of Manor Farm. Oil theft is
still a major problem – some culprits had been caught and it appeared to be a professional operation.
Metal theft is also a continuing problem. Speeding enforcement in the village is on PC Bailey’s job list
but as he is currently covering 31 villages, time is obviously difficult.


The minutes of the meeting dated 12 November 2012 were agreed to be a true record, proposed by
Fred Clark and seconded by Elaine Collier.


i) Christmas lights – Mr Cable had made an appeal for new volunteers to assist with the taking down of
the lights in January and for putting up the lights in December 2012. The meeting noted that the lights
switch on was well attended by residents of Manor Park and new village residents rather than long term
residents. The event is well publicised as leaflets are put through every door to advertise the event.

ii) Meadow Group minutes were discussed. It was agreed that while the parish continues to hold a
residue of grant funds on behalf of the Group they would be left to make their own decisions regarding
the Trentside Meadow.

iii) Dog fouling continues to be a serious problem in the village.

iv) Village Hall roof – P Baines has approached someone for a second quote for the roof repairs.

v) Main Street road surface – NCC’s engineer had re-visited following the PC’s concern re the slippery
surface. The road is to be gritted and rolled to relieve the problem.

vi) Large puddle outside Manor Park, Church Laneham – still waiting for a Highways report.

vii) Clayhough Lane – no update received from NCC to-date.

6. PUBLIC DISCUSSION - The meeting closed at 7.22pm – no members of the public present.


P Baines reported 2 additional bills incurred by the Village Hall Committee. The committee had
requested the Parish Council, via PB, to agree to the payment of £100 + VAT to resolve snagging issues
with the new heating system. The bill had not been submitted to the Parish Council at the time of the

The VH Committee had paid J Collins, electrician, £107 to re-route an earth bonding cable to the new
boiler and to replace a florescent light in the village hall and were asking for reimbursement. P Baines
reported that the VH Committee had also paid £520 for interior decorating of the Hall and £400 for an
outside light. These amounts were considered expensive by some parish councillors.

The meeting agreed that priority must now be given to the repair of the hall roof.

The Parish Council very much appreciates the work and fund raising undertaken by the Village Hall
Committee but agreed that in future quotes for work must be on the agenda of a parish council meeting
to be authorised. It was highlighted that the parish council financial regulations state that:

- Acceptance of quotations shall be by resolution of the Council.

- Orders for payment of money shall be authorised by resolution of the Council. Such resolutions on
expenditure can only be considered when included as an agenda item of the meeting considering the

- Two quotations are required for any works value £500 - £2000, three for values over £2000.

The Village Hall Committee has been asked to inform the Parish Council of any possible expenditure
requirements in the 2013/14 financial year to enable accurate budgeting and the Clerk was asked to
write to confirm the above for any requests for payment by the Parish Council.


At the last meeting Fred Clark stated his intention to resign as a Trustee, however following discussions
with the other trustees, John Cobb and Lee Sinclair it had been agreed that Lee Sinclair would act as
Chair of the Trustees and Fred would continue as a trustee.


The meeting considered figures provided by the Clerk including 2011/12 financial year actual spending,
2012/13 actual spending to-date and forecast spend to 31 March 2013 against the precept submission
for the 2012/13 financial year. BDC have confirmed they will not be in a position to issue instructions and
information on the 2013/14 precept application before the end of December at the earliest. It was
therefore agreed that a precept meeting would be necessary in January. The meeting to be held on
Monday 14 January, 7pm in the Village Hall. Indications are that funding to parish councils will be
reduced and that an increase in the “Parish levy” would be unacceptable in the current climate. Parish
Councillors were requested to give consideration to possible expenditure so that a more robust budget
can be drawn up.


Nat West bank mandate – PCllrs signed the “change of signing authority” to remove C Simpson-Kane
from the bank mandate and add G Sumnall. G Sumnall had an appointment with the bank to carry out
the required identity checks and would hand over signed paperwork.

- Mr M Fanthorpe 000957 £358.33 Cleaning

- Susan Flye 000958 £118.73 Wage

Payment of cheques proposed by Phil Baines and seconded by Fred Clark.

The Clerk reported that a request for repayment of VAT in the sum of £834 had been submitted to

John Cobb apologised and left the meeting at 8.02pm.


No new applications to report.

BDC had approved the naming of the new development adjoining Springfield Lodge, Main Street as
Falcon View.


The Clerk provided a list and file of correspondence – copy of the list is available on request. E Collier
agreed to review the file. In particular the Clerk highlighted an NCC invitation to an event on the Local
Improvement grant scheme – 7 March 2013, NALC training – code of conduct, Parish Council/BDC– joint
working party to review relationship, Came & Co – increased frequency in public liability claims.


- Fred Clark reported that Lee Sinclair was in possession of various parish council records which he
would like to pass back to the council. The Clerk to establish the quantity and nature of the records.

- Elaine Collier reported that the benchs in front of Manor Park and on the Meadow are looking very
battered due to the weather. Discussion as to who is responsible for the benches – P Baines to have a
word with G Scrini. Also the notice board is badly water damaged. EC to establish what needs to be

- Following the recent flooding the Clerk was asked to establish with the Environment Agency the
location of the flood defences for Top Town Bridge – rumoured to have been taken to Gainsborough.

- It was noted that parking on Main St in the area of Butchers Mews was becoming a problem, although
parking is provided to the rear of the properties.