Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 10 September 2012 at 7.00pm at the Village Hall, Laneham.


PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Phil Baines (Chair), Fred Clark, John Cobb, Elaine Collier,

Gavin Sumnall

In attendance:   Susan Flye (Clerk)



BDC Councillors K & S Isard, PC Bailey, Cllr J Hempsall, D Myers






Pc Bailey emailed – no recorded crime reports since the last meeting.  There had been an incident on Main Street of screws placed deliberately under the tyres of a parked van.  The vehicle was parked close to the village hall. 



The minutes of the meeting dated 13 August 2012 were agreed to be a true record, proposed by John Cobb, seconded by Fred Clark



a     Village Hall roof remains under consideration.  J Cobb raised the issue of insulation in the roof space.

b.    Grass cutting – Mr Walker apologised for his error in last month’s invoicing.

c.    Clayhough Lane – no update received from NCC.

d.    BDC’s Anti Poverty Strategy and action plan - E Collier had read the paper and was nominated by the meeting to complete and return the questionnaire.

e.    Certificate for the village hall boiler – P Baines had spoken to the plumber and will follow up.

f.     NALC AGM – no nomination to attend the meeting.

g.    Road surface at the junction of Broadings Lane & Main Street – NCC Highways confirm that following the footway work, carriageway works are programmed for later in the year.

h.    Laneham Lanes – NCC Highways have raised the PC’s concern regarding the cutting of the verges on the lanes with the relevant maintenance manager.  Sometimes the grass has to be cut for safety purposes on bends and visibility splays.

i.     Top Town Bridge – NCC Highways ask if the weeds and grass are actually on the highway.

       J Clark was thanked for his continued support of the village by cutting/strimming grass in various locations in the village and also thanks to Gavin Sumnall for work at Top Town Bridge.

j.     Dog fouling – leaflets for distribution have been ordered.

k.    Register of members interest forms were returned to the Clerk – C Simpson-Kane outstanding.

l.     Trees under Wharf Road – DN22 Gardening quoted £350 + VAT to prune two trees on the Trent bank, including the removal of all waste. The meeting instructed the Clerk to accept the quote.



No members of the public present.



Mr Scrini was unable to attend the meeting but the Clerk circulated email correspondence from him.


The meeting noted that of the original Big Lottery Fund Grant £881.32 remains, and is held by the PC. The payment for sleepers for the sensory garden at Church Laneham of £210 + VAT will leave a balance of £671.32.  The Clerk confirmed that the accounts did not show any payments made on behalf of the Meadow Group since March 2009.  The meeting was not aware of any other amounts to be deducted.


Mr Scrini said that the Group had always undertaken purchases of labour/materials and submitted invoices to the Parish Council for payment from the Grant.  Therefore he did not make a specific request for the purchase of sleepers.  If the PC wish to authorise expenditure in advance then the Group need to be informed.  He confirmed that the bill from Nottingham Sleeper Company was correct for payment.


Mr Scrini also confirmed that he had reviewed the cost of different types of sleepers.  The Group had opted for hardwood as being longer lasting and noted that the cost also included delivery.


E Collier felt that the area had become an eyesore and needs more maintenance eg cut naturally and taken away.  P Baines would speak to Mr Scrini and raise the meeting’s concerns.  It was noted that some members had not visited the meadow for some time.


7.40pm – J Cobb apologised and left the meeting.



-      Mr M Fanthorpe                 000942                    £358.33          Cleaning

-      Susan Flye                        000943                    £108.32          Wage

-      Susan Flye                        000944                      £35.34          Expenses

-      K Walker                           000945                      £60.00          Grass cutting

-      Nottingham Sleeper Co      000946                    £252.00          Sleepers/Meadow Group

-      DN22 Gardening                000947                    £420.00          Prune trees

-      F Clark                              000948                      £15.49          Petrol for grass cutting – J Cobb.


Payment of cheques proposed by Fred Clark and seconded by Elaine Collier.

The cheque for DN22 Gardening to be held by the Clerk until E Collier confirmed that the work had been satisfactorily completed.



- EDF Energy, Cottam – application re the disposal of fuel ash and alterations to the lagoons had been granted by NCC.

- Lafarge – Rampton Quarry – variation to provide an alternative restoration scheme had been granted by NCC

- Planning application at Springfield Lodge & House – BDC planners confirmed the inclusion of a caravan had been withdrawn from the application, however the meeting noted that a large static chalet type caravan was on the site.  Clerk to respond to BDC.



The Clerk provided a file of correspondence – a list is available on request. E Collier agreed to review the file.  The Clerk highlighted:


- BDC – changes to the local council tax benefit system, likelihood that the concurrent grant would be reduced in the 2013/14 year and withdrawn from 2014/15 due to reduced government funding.

- Letter of thanks from the Parochial Church Council for donations made by the village.

- NCC Highways – winter service.  The Clerk was instructed to order the parish entitlement of 5 x 25kg bags of salt.  These to be delivered to P Baines for allocation throughout the village.  The meeting noted that there is an existing supply of salt at the rear of the village hall.  F Clark has agreed to continue his role as Snow Warden in liaison with BDC. 

- The Audit Commission has confirmed the appointment of Grant Thornton as external auditors to the Parish Council from 2013.



- It was noted that builders in the village did not appear to take responsibility for cleaning footpaths and roads during their work.

- Helenship Lane – reported fibre glass rubbish had been dumped in the first layby.

- Rampton has new cast iron village name signs on entry into the village. Clerk to make enquiries.

- Congratulations to be passed on to the village hall committee on the interior decorating.

- Speeding – the meeting noted with regret continuing incidences of speeding through the village with a general feeling that the problem was getting worse.  Disappointingly a significant number of regular offenders are village residents.  Clerk to report to PC Bailey.  Potential for future problems caused by on-street parking at Butchers Mews was also discussed.