Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 10th September, 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr G. Scrini, Councillors Mrs.  B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark,  P. Baines,  P. Cable, F. Clark. J. Cobb,


1.       APOLOGIES

Cllr J. Hempsall




The Chairman requested Item 10 be moved up the Agenda to Item 5 this was agreed.


3.  MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 13.8.07 & 20.8.07

The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting Cllr F. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting; this was seconded by Cllr. J. Cobb and unanimously agreed.



a)  Meadow Project – The BLF have confirmed they are satisfied the Parish Council owns The Garth and that the grant can now be spent.  Another site meeting will soon take place; the field has been sprayed once.  It seems there is a hawthorn tree on Wharf Road that may need attention.  Cllr. Cable commented how good the river frontage was looking at the moment.

b) Village Hall – a lot of extra work has been done outside, i.e. fences and benches have been painted.  and the work should be completed by Monday, 17th September.  The workers were praised for their hard work.

d) Bridleway 25 – Laura Summer’s letter was read and discussed.  The council are extremely disappointed with her response and the fact that no date has been confirmed for the work to be done.  This is unacceptable and Laura to be advised with a copy to Cllr. Hempsall.

e)  Land Registry – the Chairman has completed the Statutory Declarations and he was authorised to get them approved by a solicitor at an expected cost of £94.

f) Bus Shelter – two quotations have been received.  These were opened and circulated.  Cllr. Cable requested he be allowed the opportunity to discuss some points with the contractor and have a site meeting before confirming the contractor.  This was agreed.  Two further donations have been received.  More loans and/or donations are still required.  A loan agreement has been drawn up and circulated for councillor’s approval – the five councillors not involved in the drawing up of the agreement agreed this. 

g) Trees, Main Street – the diseased apple trees have now been removed.

h) BBC Project Church Wall – nothing further to report.

i) Parish Plan –the Grant Application almost ready for submission to Dexter Bullock.  The timetable for the next few months was outlined and accepted.  It is aimed to launch the Parish Plan in March of 2008.

j) Village Maintenance– no response from Mr. Statham yet. 

k) Dog Owners –  the new bins have not yet arrived, but stickers have been received for the existing bins.

l) Church Clock – the Church Council have accepted the council’s offer to repair the clock and they will take responsibility for it and insure it.  The work is now to be put in hand.

m) Code of Conduct Mtg – 11th September Retford Town Hall   Cllr Scrini to attend Cllr Baines not able to attend this meeting.

n) Flooding  - LIDB have confirmed our letter will be put to their Board at their next meeting.

o) Post Box – has now been reinstated a few yards away from where it was before. 

p) Planning Dept – have acknowledge receipt of our letter re. the caravan parks.

q)  Over Trent Piece – a quotation has been received to make safe the fallen tree, a further quotation to be obtained.

Cllr Cobb left the meeting





The Chairman has met with Simon Baker of Tingdene and plans for the future had been outlined and discussed.  Mr. Baker was present at the meeting to discuss these plans under Item 6.  The plan is to have 40 homes on Site A, an increase in the number of months from 8 to 10.5 for temporary stays, increase the static vans to 50 on Site B, tourers to be sited between the hedge and the flood bank, develop the Ferry Boat site in some way and add facilities to the Manor House site, such as a play area and shops.  The Chairman agreed to circulate the summary of the meeting and this item to be placed on the next AGENDA.


The meeting was then closed for public discussion



Mr. Baker had confirmed their plans and answered many questions.



a)       Megan Rumens – footpath sweeper £35.00 (000650)

b)       Caretaker - £341.66  (000651)

c)       A Leather - £312.79 (000652)

d)       F. Clark (Hall expenses) £26.85  (000653)

Cllr. G. Scrini proposed approval of payments, seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Barber and unanimously agreed.



This had been circulated for perusal at the last meeting.  After discussion it was agreed no response was required.



General feedback is that the village is not in good order.  Extra money was precepted for this and so far has not been used.  The list of tasks drawn up earlier in the year has not been implemented.  It was agreed to investigate hire of equipment and /or driver for the grass cutting.  It was also agreed to ask Megan to renew her efforts for the last month of the season.



New bulbs and gaiters needed for one set of lights and a new set of lights needed for Church Laneham.  Cllr. Cable agreed to investigate this and a budget of £100 was agreed.



a)  BDC Flood Appeal –agreed not to contribute

b) Best Kept Village – the village had finished third in the group.

c)Notts Police Authority – Plan for 2007/8 was made available.

d) NHS – next meeting of Community Forum, Rampton Hospital is on 13th September.

e) NCC – advised the Notts 50 plus transport scheme has been suspended.

f)Bassetlaw Performance Plan Report – to Chairman.

g) Post Office Closures – it was agreed to respond with the council’s concerns about this.  It was also agreed to express concern at the withdrawal of Sunday collections.

h) Caravan Club Extended Rally at Trentfield Farm, March 2008 – this letter was discussed and it was agreed to let the Club know the council’s concerns about the large numbers and how the amount of extra traffic would affect the village.  It was also agreed to advise of potential flooding at that time.

i) Planning – an application for development at Meadowside has been received.  This will be put on the next AGENDA.



a)       Planning – a further letter has been found regarding the development of the caravan site at Trentfield Farm and it was agreed to forward this information to BDC.

b)       Fishing Club/Boat Club  - have not yet submitted their donations Cllr. Baines to follow up.  It was agreed to inspect the Fishing Club Agreement at the next meeting.

c)       Social Gatherings – Cllr. Cable requested support for the forthcoming events.

d)       Loans – any further suggestions of who to approach for a loan would be welcomed. By Cllr Cable


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.25 p.m.ALL hALL h