Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 10.08.09 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Councillors G. Scrini, Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. C. Simpson-Kane, P. Cable, F. Clark, J Cobb, Dist. Cllrs Mr & Mrs Isard, PSCO Ciacci and two members of the public.



Cllrs. P. Baines, County Cllr J. Hempsall and Mr. Stanley (EDPC)






PSCO Ciacci reported there had been no crime reported during the last month, but some bikers had been spoken to and an eye was being kept on the youngsters coming into the village at weekend.   The Chairman explained how he had been trying to deal with this problem.  A letter had been drafted which he and other village residents would hand out to anyone dropping off youngster.  The letter explained the problems being caused by the young people, i.e. vandalism, drinking, sleeping rough and the dangers of the river.  There had been no more large gatherings but bad weather and school holidays may have also contributed to this.  Cllr Cable said he was shocked at the damage done to the Church when the lead had been stolen.  PSCO Ciacci reported that arrests had been made during a similar theft at Normanton on Trent.    It was agreed to offer to help the Church with the increased insurance premiums should this be necessary.



The minutes had been circulated before the meeting..  It was proposed by Cllr Clark and seconded by Cllr  Cobb, that the minutes were a true record, this was unanimously agreed.



a) Byways  – the Chairman had met with Laura Summers, Mr. Hardman and Ms Collier had also been present.  Points discussed were as follows:-

(i)                   Bridleway 25, Private Road Sign – owner was entitled to do this but there should be no confusion that it is a Bridleway.  If the Parish Council thinks the sign is causing confusion then a Bridleway sticker can be put next to this.  It was agreed that Laura should be asked to do this.

(ii)                 Guard Dog Sign – Laura agreed that this should not be there and requested it be removed.

(iii)                Width – the 3m width does not apply to gateways.

(iv)               Gate on flood bank – should not cause an inconvenience to users of the Right of Way.

(v)                 Wharf Road – Laura to ask contractors to remove fallen tree on footpath 3A, willow trees to be pruned to provide headroom of 10ft.  The Chairman volunteered to do this at the north end of Wharf Road.  Laura to contact Mrs. Barber re the willow tree on her property.

(vi)               Footpath from Belt Holt and Wharf – Laura suggested Mr. Hart is contacted again.  It was noted that the fence had been removed and the sign changed.

(vii)              Clayhough Lane – Laura has applied for funding to repair lane

(viii)            Three stiles in the parish are broken and these will be repaired.

b) Village Maintenance – Hoo Lane – Anglian Water has made no further contact – to be reminded.

c) Village Signs – the third sign still to be painted – in hand.

d) Trees – the trees are still not staked – Parish Council now to tackle this job.

e) Christmas Tree – lights have been tested and look good.  Control box not yet waterproofed.

f) Parish Field –  has been cut by Mr. Hardman and acknowledged by e mail

g) Planning – Councillors Scrini and Cable still to do this letter.  It was agreed to let Cllr K. Isard have copies of the correspondence with BDC to which no satisfactory answers have been received.

h) Best Kept Village Competition -  it has now been confirmed that Ranby won the section with Granby second.

i) FOI Request -­  no further requests.

j) East Drayton P.C. – the Chairman had attended their last meeting and suggestions had been made regarding the two councils plus Rampton having closer contact.  Discussion took place, including Cllr K. Isard re.  Local Development Plan, Village Envelopes, Open Spaces, Parish Plans etc.    Mr. Armiger is to attend a meeting at Headon and it was suggested that some of Laneham councillors might like to attend.

k) B T Cable – not yet repaired, to contact again.




No items required further discussion.




a)       K. Walker  Mowing £55.00  (00075509)

b)       Caretaker  £341.66  (000760)

c)       P. Cable – lights £44.98  (000771)

d)       G. Scrini – wine for internal audit  £15.00  (000772)

Payment proposed by Cllr Clark, seconded by Cllr Mrs. Barber and agreed by all.



One suggestion was for help to create storage space at Village Hall for archives.  AGENDA



The Chairman provided background information to the execution of the Deed of Easement allowing the Parish Council to take agricultural and horticultural machinery down Trentfield Lane.  Since the execution of the Deed a fence and gate had been erected in the Parish Field, which restricted this access.  The Chairman proposed sending a letter to Mr. Hardman giving ham 21 days to remove the gate and fence and if he did not do so, then the Council would take the necessary steps to have them removed at Mr. Hardman’s expense.  The Chairman invited other proposals.  There were none.  The Chairman’s proposal was seconded by Cllr. Clark and was agreed unanimously by the Council.  A letter to be drafted and delivered by hand.



a)       BDC Parish Council Liaison – next meeting now on 14th October at Retford.

b)       NHS Next Community Forum meeting 29th October at Rampton Hospital.

c)       CORE  - received invitation to attend Open Day – Cllrs Clark and Mrs. Simpson-Kane to attend.




a)       Speeding – complaint received from resident of Manor House Park about speeding Tractors, also happening on Broadings Lane.  To be put in Roundabout especially as could be a danger to children and old people.

b)       Potholes –  and general condition of road to be reported to NCC.

c)       Environment Agency – to be asked to strim around Top Town Bridge and Church Laneham bridge.

d)       Over Trent Piece – it was noted a Marquee had been put up over the weekend.

e)       Village function – possibly 3rd Saturday in November.   A Greek evening was proposed, feedback and support for next meeting.  AGENDA



There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 8.50 p.m.