Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 10th May 2010 at 7.10 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Councillors George Scrini, Mrs. Corrina Simpson-Kane, Philip Baines, John Cobb, Mrs. Gill Barratt, Neil Spruce, David Myers, PC Bill Bailey, Cllr. Mrs S Isard, Cllr. J Hempsall.



Cllr K Isard





Neil Spruce was proposed by John Cobb and seconded by Corrina Simpson-Kane.  At this point, George Scrini left the meeting table and joined members of the public.



Corrina Simpson-Kane was proposed by John Cobb and seconded by Gill Barratt.




6.  Co-opting of further Councillors

Phil Baines was proposed by Corrina Simpson-Kane and seconded by Neil Spruce.

Interest was received in writing from Ms M E Collier to fill the other available ‘casual vacancy’.  There was no one present to propose the candidate therefore the vacancy remains.  It is the council’s duty to fill the vacancy without delay therefore a letter of invitation to Ms M E Collier will be sent to attend the next parish meeting and the vacancy will be advertised locally.



There have been no crimes reported recently, other than damage to a car on 5th April, the incident is believed to be of a domestic nature.  Checks have been made on damage to the area opposite the Ferry Boat Inn – there has been no recent activity though checks will continue to be made.  There has been a litter problem reported at the junction of Helenship and Torksey Lanes where a number of youths tend to meet – checks will continue.  PSCO Tony Ciacci has moved to a different area, Clare Walker will take his place.  New Community Policing posters to be issued for village noticeboards.  Bill pointed out that it would be helpful if residents could be reminded that they need to contact the police on 0300300999 at the time when they witness or are affected by crime or anti-social behaviour.  It was emphasized that the Police need to be informed at the time of the incident, and that it helps to escalate the incident if it is reported by different people.


8.  MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 12th April 2010

The minutes had been circulated before the meeting.  It was proposed by Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane and seconded by Cllr Phil Baines that the minutes were a true record, this was unanimously agreed.



a) Byways  – Footbridge – non-slip surface  Laura Summers has requested confirmation on a map to indicate the exact location of the bridge that needs attention.  Clerk to finalise and return to Laura Summers. 

b) Byways – Clayhough Lane – Laura Summers advised that recent attempts to obtain funding to improve the drainage have so far failed – she will continue with her efforts to find money.

c) Footpath – Bell Holt & Wharf – Confirmation has been received that a formal order has been made to include the footpath on the definitive map.

d) Planning – Cllr Baines agreed to speak with ex-councillors before the next meeting to get an idea of what will be involved before he makes a commitment to form a sub-committee.

e) Broadings Lane – surfacing of unadopted section  - Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane advised supplier had run out of planings, however a delivery is imminent and then the works can be completed.

f) Broadings Lane – Speed Limit – Cllr Phil Baines has made enquiries into having signage made, but suggested it might be simpler and more economical for the signs to be hand-painted by himself with an offer of assistance from Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane. 

g) Grass Cutting – Ken Walker has been sent a formal request with mapped areas to cut the grass at the rate of £55 per cut.  The grass area around the seats in the meadow was not cut on the last occasion (before the terms and locations were formalised), therefore Clerk to ask Ken if he can complete the cut.

i) Village Map Notice Board – Phil Cable (member of public) was invited to update the parish council.  Installation is due in August 2010.  Phil Cable advised that the Village Hall Committee had donated £25 into a prize fund for a village map design competition.  Phil Cable asked if the Parish Council would match this donation so that the efforts of children could be acknowledged and rewarded even if their design wasn’t selected for the final publication.  Chairman Neil Spruce proposed the Parish Council donate £25, this was seconded by Cllr Phil Baines.  Phil Cable offered to be the ‘project manager’ of the installation works and the running of the competition.  Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane agreed to be the Parish Council ‘link’ with Phil Cable. 

j) Lamppost 13 – light is on all day – Clerk requested maintenance over 2 weeks ago, light still on during day, Clerk to follow up.

k) Bus Service to Church Laneham – Clerk contacted Transport Team at Notts County Council – currently awaiting a return call – Clerk to follow up.

l)  Roadname Signs – George Scrini offered to check the signs and to follow-up with BDC if they haven’t been corrected yet (arrows pointing wrong way – ‘Rampton Road’ and ‘Laneham Street’).

m) Community Projects / Activities (General) – Phil Cable offered his time as ‘project manager’ for other practical activities that need to be carried out on behalf of the Parish Council.  It was agreed that Phil Cable would actively assist with the Archive Project (linked to Chairman Neil Spruce) and the Christmas lights (linked to Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane).  Phil Cable also made the Council aware that existing Christmas lights had been condemned, new lights (budget £300 approx) for replacements.  Phil was concerned about condition of tree used for lights.


Cllr John Cobb excused himself from the meeting before the public discussion at 8:00pm

The Meeting was then closed for 10 minutes to allow public discussion after which it was reopened and the following needed further discussion.



Further to the previous discussion re delivery arrangements for Manor House, a delivery had taken place since the last meeting, the truck had parked on the grass not blocking the highway or damaging the grass verge.  All went smoothly. 


Meeting re-opened 8:10pm



a)     Mr K Walker Grass Cutting April 2010   £55.00  (000808)

b)    Caretaker M Fanthorpe £366.50  (000810)

c)     Phil Cable – Concrete for base of storage shed (Archive Project)  (000812)

d)    Premium for Parish Insurance -  £270.71 (000811)

e)     Clerk – Di Fisher – Expenses – ‘The Parish Councillor’s Guide’ £13.84 (000813)

f)     Clerk – Di Fisher – Wages for April 2010 £79.16 (00809)

g)    Village Hall Committee – Prize Fund Money Village Map Competition £25 (00812)


The above were proposed for payment by Cllr Phil Baines, seconded by Cllr Mrs. Corrina Simpson-Kane and unanimously agreed.



£122.87 leftover from the Bus Shelter project is yet to be transferred into the main deposit account – Clerk not yet authorised to move money due to completion of new signatories forms etc.  The Clerk advised that Mr John Smith had completed the internal audit so the notice is now ready to be displayed on the village notice board and the forms returned to the auditors in due course.  Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane proposed the Parish Council send a ‘thank you’ gift to Mr Smith, seconded by Cllr Phil Baines.  It was agreed all new Councillors would be authorised signatories.


12. ARCHIVE PROJECT – Work is progressing, Phil Cable on behalf of the Village Hall Committee requested authorisation to spend £1,150 (+VAT) on the storage building.  This was proposed by Cllr Phil Baines and seconded by Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane.


13.  EMERGENCY PLANNING -  The Clerk, having attended a presentation from Notts County Council, briefly explained to the Parish Council what NCC are trying to achieve by encouraging all Parishes to create their Emergency Plan.  Clerk to distribute the document supplied which also has contact numbers so that all Councillors can review the information ready for discussion at the next meeting in June.



a)     NALC –Training Day – how to manage Parish Employees – not applicable for Laneham.

b)    County Council Civic Service 2010 – invitations to be sent to Brenda Barber and Fred Clark (ex-councillors) if they would like to attend.

c)     NHS – Community Forum (Rampton Hospital) – although we are unable to attend meetings, Laneham Parish Council would like to be kept informed via minutes of meetings.

d)    BDC – Parish Councils Liason Group – as above (c).

e)     Best Kept Village Competition – All agreed Laneham should take part, judging dates for the first round are between 7th and 25th June, and for the second round, between 5th and 24th July.

f)      Northern Area Local Councils – meetings clash with Parish Council meetings, it was agreed Parish Council meetings take priority but that we need to stay on their mailing list.

g)    Alan Platts, Street Naming and Numbering Technician sent thanks for Laneham Parish Council taking the initiative to improve street nameplate furniture in our village.

h)    Bassetlaw Strategic Partnership has an environmental sub-group which may be able to support Laneham Parish Council with any environmentally themed projects we may be undertaking.  Clerk to speak with Mr George Scrini to obtain his views as to whether this could be advantageous regarding the Trentside Meadow project.

i)      Notts County Council – Local Improvement Scheme Initiative – Launch Event 15th June 10am to 1:30pm – Cllr Corrina Simpson-Kane to check diary if she can attend.  The purpose would be to find out how to apply for LIS funding and the types of schemes they will be offering.




There was nothing of note to report.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approx. 9.10 p.m.