Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 10th March, 2008 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.

PRESENT: Councillors G. Scrini (Chairman), Mrs. B. Barber, Mrs. A. Clark, P. Baines, F. Clark, J. Cobb and PCSO Tony Ciacci



Cllr P. Cable and  County Cllr J. Hempsall






The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting Cllr F. Clark proposed they were a correct record of the meeting; this was seconded by Cllr. G. Scrini and unanimously agreed.



a) Meadow Project – area cleaned and debris gathered for removal.  Seed sowing is the next stage.

b) Village Hall – Cllr. Baines apologised for not having yet looked at the roof, but will do so.

c) Bridleway 25 – Still some notices to be replaced.

d) Land Registry – no response yet.

e) Bus Shelter – Paint now received from Mr. Hardman.  Seat installed.  Work nearing completion.  The Chairman to speak to the contractor regarding the electrical supply.

f) Trees, Main Street –no response from Mr. Simpkins or Cllr Hempsall.  It was agreed to purchase two trees and submit the invoice to NCC.  Cllr Clark was given a budget of £50 to obtain trees.

g) Parish Plan – need to put a map in the plan.  Cllr Cable will take over again on his return.

h) Village Maintenance –  Hoo Lane – Anglian Water apologised for not attending the arranged meeting.  Did promise to contact again before 29th February, but had not done so.  Chairman now to contact to let them know what needs to be done.  Grass Cutting – a specification has been drawn up of the work to be done and sent to all who quoted.  The council hopes to purchase a mower for around £200, this will enable some mowing to be done by councillors and hopefully some volunteers.  This has reduced the amount of cutting needing to be contracted out.  The sub-committee hope to put this work in hand before the end of the month.   Flooding – BDC are also passing the buck on this one.  However, there is a meeting at Sturton on Friday, 14th March about the flooding of the Trent side villages and the Chairman will attend.  Broadings Lane – Cllr Clark has located some suitable material and this has been laid and a very good job made of the lane.  This was generously donated and it was agreed that the money allocated for this - £200 – should be donated to the Church to help pay for the electrical supply to enable the Christmas Lights to operate.

i) Fire Hydrants –no response to letter, if no response before next meeting to contact again.

j) Litter – a cost of £1400 had been estimated to keep the village litter free.  Rather than pay someone to do this work it is hoped that volunteers will help with this job. The Chairman is to write an article for Roundabout appealing for help and explaining how much the precept increase would affect rates if this work has to be paid for.  A query was raised regarding recycling, a letter to go to BDC regarding this.

k) Planning – still some planning issues to be followed up – Holly Folly Farm and Groundworks

l) Parking, Ferry Boat – NCC has inspected the area and will reassess shortly.  The Brewery has also been contacted.

m) Reflector Posts, Helenship Lane - ­ NCC are replacing damaged posts and add some more.

n) Old Cottage Development – BDC have confirmed they agree to the names suggested by the developer.

o) Holly Tree – still needs some work done.

p) Web Site – following Cllr Cable’s statement that the site is not up to date, it has been checked and was found to be up to date, this is done by Lee Sinclair.  It was thought that Cllr Cable must have looked at the old web site, which cannot be removed, as the password has been lost.

q) Ditch – the ditch opposite the Garden Centre has been cleared.


PCSO Tony Ciacci was thanked for attending the meeting.  He reported that there had been 2 incidents of theft and some more problems with motorbikes.  The council have noted his increased presence in the village and appreciate this. 



No public discussion.



6.PLANNING APPLICATION – The Bungalow, Rampton Road  - erect detached single garage. The plans were inspected and discussed.  6 out of 6 councillors voted in favour of the application.




a)       Clerk’s fee   £313.00 (000682)  (Cllr Cobb declared an interest)

b)       Caretaker £341.66 (000683)

c)       Laneham Parish Church £553.50  (000684)

d)       M. Rhodes $£64.62 (000685) grass cutting last year

Cllr. G. Scrini proposed approval of payments, seconded by Cllr Mrs. B. Barber and unanimously agreed.



Will take place on Easter Monday at 9.00 in the village hall.  Cllrs. Scrini and F. Clark will attend.  Tenders will be opened at 9.05.  Notice put on board and information to be placed in Retford Times. 



It was agreed the clean up would take place on 2nd May.  Volunteers to meet at the bus shelter at 6.00 p.m.  Article to be put in Roundabout.



A copy of the Charter has been received.  This was signed by the Chairman.

Cllr Cobb left the meeting.



a)       Parish Councils Liaison Group – minutes of last meeting received

b)       NALC – information received re training courses.

c)       Central Networks will be doing some work on overhead power lines in the near future.

d)       NHS Consultation of GP Led Health Centre – form completed.

e)       Parish Councils Liaison Group next meeting 16th April Worksop Town Hall

f)        BDC –update on legal agreement, Trentfield Farm.

g)       Keeping Children Safe – leaflets received.

h)       Bus Pass information – leaflets received




a)       Cllr Clark informed the meeting that some damage had been done to the Church by the recent earthquake.  He also reported that the dangerous tree in the churchyard had now been made safe.  A letter of thanks to be sent for doing this work.

b)       Dog-Fouling – not much improvement.

c)       Bikes – still being a nuisance.

d)       Wharf Road – Contact to be made with Laura Summers asking for a “Restricted byway – no vehicles beyond this point” sign.  Cllr Baines will remind the Fishing Club of this restriction.

e)       Playing Fields – next project after Bus Shelter completed.  Cllrs. Mrs. A. Clark and P. Baines to pursue.

f)        Development – The Chairman is to write to BDC (copy to Cllr Isard)  regarding the number of new homes in the village and how this fits in with the Parish Plan.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 8.25 p.m.ALL hALL h