Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 9th August 2010 at 7.00 p.m. in Laneham Village Hall.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) Neil Spruce, Philip Baines, John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Corrinna Simpson-Kane



BD Cllr S Isard and K Isard, PC Bill Bailey, PCSO Clare Walker, CCllr J Hempsall, P Cllr Gill Barratt and David Myers






PC Bailey and PCSO Clare Walker sent their apologies stating there was nothing to report.  However, Phil Cable reported the vandalism of the flower baskets at the bus stop on Dunham Road and requested that a Police presence be maintained in the village at intervals on Friday nights for a short period.  The Parish Council acknowledges the police presence in the village over the last few weeks – Clerk to email thanks to PC Bailey.


4.  Minutes of meeting held 12/07/10

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Phil Baines, seconded by Elaine Collier.



a) Planning – Cllr Baines advised he had taken advice and had been given a list of ‘considerations’ that the District Council use when considering applications.  Rather than create a sub-committee, it was suggested that as and when planning applications arise, that the Council make full use of supporting organisations like the NALC to help the Parish Council make informed decisions.

b) Broadings Lane – Speed Limit – Cllr Phil Baines reported that he might have found a cost-effective professional signage company that could make the signs.  4 signs would be needed, 2 each end of the Parish Lane section of Broadings Lane, one sign to advise users that the Lane is actually a parish lane and not a normal highway, and 2), a 20mph speed limit road sign.  Phil will get quotes from the company and make a proposal at the next meeting.

c) Street light 36 – appears to have been renewed and is now working.



The Meeting was then closed at 7:20 pm to allow public discussion.  A request was made from the public for the Parish Council to formally request from the Village Hall Committee that a hook be re-instated in the wall to secure the front door so it can stay open safely.


The meeting re-opened at 7:23pm and the following needed further discussion.



a)     Wages for Clerk July 2010   £79.16  (000824)

b)    Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000823)

c)     Ken Walker – Grass cuttings £55.00 (000822)

d)    Clement Keyes – Audit Fee £141 (000825)


The above were proposed for payment by PCllr Neil Spruce, seconded by PCllr Phil Baines.


8.  EMERGENCY PLANNING (Community Resilience in event of disaster)

The returned questionnaires were assessed, all of those who responded were in favour of there being an Emergency Plan, though the return was quite low. Clerk to ask if Roundabout if they will publish an article with a cut-out reply slip.



Phil Cable sent a written report – the store isn’t quite finished and the workstation is on hold due to low availability of Archive volunteers over summer holidays.  Another update will be sent to the next meeting.




The Clerk clarified that grass cuttings cannot be left on the banks of the Trent – this is against the Environment Agency’s best practice (decomposing vegetation starves the water of oxygen which is not good for wildlife).  Investigations are still underway to find a suitable cutting machine.  The Council thought the money spent on a cutter might be better spent elsewhere and an alternative method of cutting the meadow should be investigated.  P Cllr Elaine Collier offered Trentfield Farm to cut the meadow free of charge and also to deal with the grass cuttings.  P Cllr Phil Baines will speak with George to determine what is still needed, taking Elaine’s offer into account.



The switch on ceremony is now scheduled for 6pm on Saturday 11th December followed by the Christmas Fayre at the Village Hall at 7pm.  P Cllr Neil Spruce will be in charge of the lights having received a briefing from Phil Cable.



The Council agreed to extend the competition closing date to 30th September 2010.  The competition is now open to anyone with close relatives living in Laneham.  There are 2 categories, under and over 16 years.  P Cllr Neil Spruce agreed to produce an attractive poster to be published in Roundabout, to be pinned on Notice Boards, and distributed to Dunham School.



a)  From Phil Cable:  Suggest the Parish Council look after Village Map Notice Board and ensure it is updated.  Keys will be issued to the Clerk.  Suggests a Thank You letter be written to Notts County Council – action: Clerk.

b)  Sturton-le-Steeple Parish Council – seeking support from Laneham Parish Council to oppose the recent Wind Farm Appeal.  Agreed by those present that the residents of Laneham must be consulted prior to Laneham PC making a decision whether to proceed or not with support.  P Cllr Neil Spruce offered to write a leaflet with a reply slip – P Cllr Phil Baines offered to do the door drop.

c)  Bassetlaw District Council – Bulky Waste disposal/collection service.  The letter clearly details there will be a charge of £5 per item made to collect bulky waste – it also details what will and won’t be collected.  Letter to be displayed in Notice Boards and Clerk to ask Roundabout to publish details.

d)  Planning Permission Granted – to Trentfield Farm, field for a maximum of 25 tents or caravans.

e)  NALC – Notice of AGM – P Cllr Elaine Collier offered to call Lynda Ogilvie to ascertain what is required from LPC in terms of nominations and voting – Elaine also agreed to attend the AGM Wed 17th Nov 2010 at 7:30pm.

f)  Bassetlaw District Council – opportunity to pursue funding for a play area – Council agreed not to pursue.

g)  Nottinghamshire County Council – Core Strategy – Phil and Corrinna agreed to look at the document to see if any of it applies to Laneham.




Work requested some time ago of Notts County Council has been completed:  Footbridge accessed via Hoo Lane handrail has been repaired, street name signage has been replaced with the correct directional arrows opposite the end of Helenship Lane, hedges and grass has been cut as requested.  The footbridge re-surfacing is still outstanding.

Bottle banks – P Cllr Phil Baines to check with Village Hall Committee why they want the bottle banks moved. 

Hedge alongside footpath from Top Town bridge to Church Laneham needs trimming – Clerk to ask Strawsons if they will do this as the hedge borders their fields.

Pot Holes are worsening in Main Street – Clerk to request road mending from Notts CC

A willow tree has fallen in to the Trent – Clerk to request the environment agency to deal with it.

Residents from West View, Broadings Lane, contributed to the cost of planings enabling an extra ton to be delivered and used for levelling for the entire length of the unadopted lane.  Clerk has already sent letter of thanks.



Regretfully, the Council heard from P Cllr Neil Spruce that he has made the decision to step down from the role of chair and parish councillor.  Vice Chair Corrinna Simpson-Kane will assume the role until such time as another Parish Councillor is co-opted and Chair elected.


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approx. 8:35pm