Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 9th July, 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.



PRESENT: Chairman Cllr G. Scrini, Councillors Mrs.  B. Barber,  P Baines, P Cable, F. Clark. J. Cobb, County Cllr. J. Hempsall and 4 members of the public


1.       APOLOGIES

Cllr. Mrs. A. Clark






The Chairman opened the meeting to the public Lee Sinclair and Tony Hutchinson who are interested in this project were present.  These two gentlemen together with the Chairman are forming the steering committee for this project.  A grant of £2600 has been received for the project.  The Chairman outlined the timetable for the work that needs done.  The grass and wildflower seed will be sown in the autumn.  Pathways will be cut to reach the seating area.  Progress reports will be given as the project proceeds.  The meeting was then closed to public discussion and council business continued.



The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting Cllr F. Clark proposes they were a correct record of the meeting; this was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Barber and unanimously agreed.



a)  Planning Matters – the Planning Enforcement Dept of BDC have advised that they have received a complaint regarding 10 breaches of planning control in the village. Cllrs Mrs. Barber and F. Clark declared personal interests and left the room for the duration of the discussion.  After discussion it was stated there could be two ways of dealing with this generally or specifically.  After a vote it was agreed that the matter should be dealt with generally at this stage.  BDC are to be advised of the decision and informed that if they are to follow up and planning applications are submitted then the council will comment on each application as it comes before them.  It was made clear the parish council have not made this complaint

b) Village Hall – extra work has been undertaken which is extending to the outside and the project should be finished shortly.  It has been brought to the attention of the council that the bottom of the fire door is rotten, this was inspected.  Mr. Hutchinson offered to make the repair free of charge.  This offer was gratefully accepted.

c) Bridleway 25 – Still no signs put up.  No response from NCC.  Cllr John Hempsall offered to follow this up and advise the Clerk of the outcome. If no positive feedback is received, the Planning Inspectorate to be contacted.

d)  Land Registry – the Chairman is following this up with a solicitor. 

e) Bus Shelter – Fund raising is underway, one cheque for £50 received and several pledges made.  The plans have been produced by Mr. Kitson, and were inspected.  Mr. Kitson to be thanked for this.  Grant application has been completed requesting £3000.  The budget is £5650.  Cllr Hempsall suggested that WREN might be an alternative source of funding if needed.  Still need to finalise how donations can be recognised.  This may be on a notice board or plaque.  Another suggestion to raise money was a sponsored walk or ride.

f) Trees, Main Street – still no word.

g) BBC Project Church Wall – nothing further to report.

h) Parish Plan –The grant application has been submitted to NRCC.  The competition prizes are budgeted for in the application.  Cllr Cable asked if the council would be prepared to fund the prizes if the grant is not obtained.  The council agreed to make £50 available for this.  It is hoped to select the competition winners before the next meeting.  Some categories already judged, with the junior prize going to Charley Spruce, in second place was Isabelle Cawthorne. with a special commendation to Jennifer Elliott.  The Garden Party is planned for September subject to the relevant licences and insurances being obtained.  A Spanish night is also planned for 1st September. 



i) Village Maintenance– Mr. Statham NCC has responded to the letter sent.  Road sweeping is the responsibility of BDC, so a further letter has been sent there, and this has already been taken care of.  The kerbs and gutters had already been sprayed.  The footpath is to be inspected.   The planings have still not been delivered to Broadings Lane.  The tree trunks on Wharf Road will be dealt with after the floods have subsided.  It was also pointed out that the footpath to Dunham School needs attention.  Optivite have responded to the letter and have made an excellent job of cleaning up their frontage.  Hoo Lane still to be repaired.

j) Dog Owners – after discussion it was agreed to approach BDC to see if dog litterbins could be provided and emptied.  It is expected 6 would be required.




The council meeting was closed to allow public discussion.  After the meeting was reopened the following needed further discussion.

a) Church Clock – ownership of the clock is still undecided.  However, a quotation has been obtained for the repairs of £446.50.  After discussion the council stated it would be willing to donate £300 and expect the balance to come from the amount already precepted for the Church.  This offer is to be made subject to the Church obtaining insurance for the clock.



a)       Megan Rumens – footpath sweeper (2 months) £70.00 (000644)

b)       Caretaker - £341.66  (000645)

c)       F. Clark Hall Decorating Expenses £47.49 (000646)

Cllr. P Cable proposed approval of payments, seconded by Cllr. Cobb and unanimously agreed.

British Waterways have paid the rent for Over Trent Piece - £69.77

Hacker Young have acknowledged receipt of the Annual return.



The new draft of the Model Code of Conduct had been circulated at the last meeting.  It was agreed to adopt the code excluding para. 12/2.  BDC to be informed.  1 or 2 places to be provisionally reserved on the training day to be held at Retford Town Hall in September. 




a) Trent Vale – advised they have submitted their grant application for the development of the Trent Vale

b) NRCC, New Training Opportunities – form given to Chairman to peruse.

c) Parish Council Liaison Committee – last meeting cancelled next one 14.11.07 at Worksop Town Hall

d) NHS Rampton Hospital – want to know if the council still wants to be on the mailing list.  It was agreed to stay on the list.

e) Planning, Holly Folly Farm – application granted

f) Bassetlaw Hospice –sent poster to display for their Gala Day

g) BDC Cabinet Meeting – to be held 14.7. 07 at Tuxford

h) Planning, Adj Springfield House – application granted

i) BDC Street Naming and Numbering  - Manor House Caravan Park want to number 1 – 16 Riverview Close.  After discussion the proposal was put to the vote and accepted 4 to 2.

j) CPRE – Best Kept Village Competition – the village has reached the final 4 of its group.  The next round of judging is between 11 – 28th July.  Co-operation from all residents would be appreciated.

k) NALC Draft Parish Charter – copies given to all councillors for perusal before next meeting.



a)       Flooding – the worst since 1978.  Need to check with LIDB, Environment Agency, Severn Trent that they are satisfied that the pumps and drains worked satisfactorily.  The Chairman to help draft a letter.

b)       Speed Gun Trap – Cllr. Cable confirmed that the Parish Plan committee is committed to reducing the speeding traffic in the village.  A further volunteer is needed for training.

c)       Village Entrances – need attention.  The grass verges have only been cut once this year NCC to be contacted.

d)       30 mph limit – now that the street lighting has been extended to the C2 NCC to be asked if the 30 mph speed limit can be extended to match.

e)       Parking on Pavements – this is illegal.  Mention to be made in Roundabout.

f)        Public Footpath 4a needs proper marking and cutting.

g)       Church Bend – parking near this corner is becoming dangerous. NCC to be asked for comments.



There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.15 p.m.ALL hALL h