Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 8th August 2011 at 7.00pm at The Village Hall, Laneham.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors (PCllr) John Cobb, Elaine Collier, Fred Clark, Phil Baines, Corrina Simpson-Kane (Chair), David Myers,



PC Bill Bailey,  Keith and Shirley Isard.






PC Bailey emailed update re: Noticeboard and Car Sales – no further action to be taken.


4.  Minutes of meetings held 11th July

The minutes were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Fred Clark seconded by Phil Baines.



a) Broading Lane - surfacing

Sign in production, installation due in next 4 weeks.  Corrina to arrange removal of existing broken signage.

b) Trentside Church Laneham – Various

Bell Holt & Wharf field is overgrown.  Clerk to get quotes to cut field.

c) Clayhough Lane – Downgrading / Barriers / Rectification Works

Awaiting response from Laura Summers re: appropriate barriers and contacting adjacent land owners re: draining investigations.  Update this meeting – 6 off-road vehicles were seen driving the lane Sunday 7th August.  Clerk to request prohibition notice and closure.  Current notice is only a recommendation not to use the lane.

d)  Public Conveniences

Further to site visit, Corrina to organise a site walk-round with Caretaker and other councillors to check if there are any practical issues with keeping the conveniences up to standard.

e)  Noise Nuisance

Off Road bikes on Lincolnshire side of River Trent – the noise has reduced radically but has not disappeared altogether.  Councillors to monitor for the next few months.

f)  Vehicle Sales

Further to communications with District and County Council Departments and Police Authority, the vehicle sales activity is currently being conducted within the law.  The Parish Council has received assurance from Kingsmill Car Centre that only one vehicle at a time will be positioned for sale on the grass verge on Dunham Road.  They are legally entitled to do so, as is any other individual.

g) Polling Stations

Corrina checked the website and has proposed online that Laneham Village Hall remain on the list of suitable polling stations.

h)  Parking on Main Street

The number of vehicles regularly parking on Main Street has declined, it is no longer an issue.

i)  Memorial Railings – painting

Phil Baines offered to re-paint the railings around the war memorial on Broading Lane.

j)  Top Town Bridge

John Cobb suggested the probation service be contacted to paint Top Town Bridge.  Clerk to make request.

k)  Visibility / vegetation cutting on Top Town Bridge

Notts County Council has not yet responded to 2 requests to cut down vegetation – John Cobb offered to strim the area for safety reasons.

l)  Plaque for Bus Shelter, Dunham Road

Phil to get quotes for plaque to record donors of the Bus Shelter re-build and advise next meeting.

m) Maintenance Items – NCC

Several maintenance items were reported to NCC over 4 weeks ago, automated email responses received but action doesn’t appear to have been taken.  Clerk to check, review and follow up.

n)  Bonfires – Church Laneham

C/fwd – Councillors to make contact next time bonfires are in progress.



A lively, positive and productive discussion took place about Kingsmill Car Centre moving in to the village.  The owners introduced themselves and openly explained how they intend to conduct their car sales business within the village and assured the council that if any issues arose in the future, they were open to discussion and negotiation. 


The meeting formally re-opened at 7:53pm



a)  Caretaker M Fanthorpe £358.33  (000876)

b)  Ken Walker, Grass Cutting July – £55.     (000877)

c)  NALC – Training for Chairmanship 3 x £15  £45  (000878)

d)  NALC – Training for new councillors for new Parish Clerk 1 x £15  (000879)


The above were proposed for payment by Corrina, seconded by Phil Baines.


Payment received from Laneham Boat and Ski Club for access over Bell Holt and Wharf £125

Asset Register – Clerk to get a quote from Gary Noble – c/fwd



Two decision notices received:

1)     Chris Barber – temporary consent (5 years) for Caravan and Shed

2)     R Staley – renewal of planning consent for dwellings on the old Butchers Arms site


Three applications received:  Lakinwell Garage Extension, West View Cottage Garden Room and The Croft – rebuild chimney and recover existing roof.  All were reviewed, there were no objections.



BDC – Hallcroft tip to close for refurbishment.  Notice to be sent to Roundabout.

BDC – Cancer awareness poster – ‘Kids Cook Quick’ – put up in notice board.

BDC – Parish Council Liaison Group – Elaine to review minutes and report pertinent items at next meeting

NALC – Training opportunities for Chairmanship and New Councillor @ £15 per delegate.  Corrina, Phil and Elaine to attend Chairmanship training, new Clerk to attend New Councillor training.

NCC – Update about Waste Core Strategy – no further action needed.


Dave & Chrissy Longbottom – expressed concerns about use of quadbikes and temporary blockage of lane by tractor in Broading Lane. 

At this point, the chair declared a personal and prejudicial interest and handed over the meeting to Phil, Vice Chair.

Clerk to send polite reminder to residents of the Parish lane section about the ‘Bridleway’ status of this section of the lane which means motorised vehicles are not allowed in the lane except for access.  The tractor observed blocking the lane had in fact broken down and was in the process of being recovered.

Vice Chair handed the meeting back over to the Chair.


Tingdene – a lengthy letter was received requesting that the Parish Council consider some development options and give some feedback.  Copies to be given to all councillors to read and consider ready to discuss as an agenda item at the next meeting.



a)  Elaine advised that trees on the bend opposite St Peter’s Church are obstructing high-sided vehicles which have to take avoiding action – they are also so over-grown that they are making pedestrians use the road instead of the pavement.  Clerk to action pruning / lopping etc. either from NCC or landowner.



The existing Parish Clerk was advised by the Parish Council which candidate should be offered the position.  Clerk to advise the new Parish Clerk and arrange handover.



The meeting closed at 8:40pm