Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 7th August, 2006 in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m.


PRESENT: Chairman Cllr. George Scrini, Councillors Mrs. B. Barber, P. Baines, P. Cable, F. Clark, Dist. Cllr K. Isard and 16 members of the public.



1.       APOLOGIES

Cllr. Mrs. A. Clark



The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming Rob Fitzsimons and the members of the public and explained the format of the meeting.  Mr. Fitzsimons had come to talk about the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership and the affect it can have on Trentside villages like Laneham.  Mr. Fitzsimons explained what his role was and handed out a leaflet giving details of the TVLP.  Grants are available through the Lottery Fund to improve the local Trent Valley.  In the case of Laneham this could possibly be in the form of improved access to and from the river by a mooring. However, on the tidal river it is important to choose the right place.  A 10-year maintenance programme would support any improvements.  The grant application has to be submitted by the end of the year, and the council will have to consider this project in the near future.  The Chairman thanked Rob for attending the meeting and providing the information.






Before continuing the meeting the Chairman explained that item 9 would initially be discussed before item 6 to give members of the public the opportunity to make comments on the application.



The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr. F. Clark proposed that they were correct records of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr. Mrs. B. Barber and unanimously agreed.



a)       Village Hall – the work on the roof repair has now commenced.

b)       BBC Project – some problems have already arisen in the form of damage to the area around the seating in the Parish Field, some of the material put down around the benches has been ripped up.    It was agreed to seek help with a maintenance programme for the field regarding cutting and sowing seed.  A further site meeting will take place on 19th August at 11.00 a.m. with a representative from BBC.

c)       Bridleway 25 – Information has been received from the Planning Inspectorate that advised he has now decided to change the status of Wharf Road to a Restricted Byway.  NCC to be asked to confirm if Trentfield Lane can now be used as a Bridleway as this part of the order seems to have been confirmed.  If the Bridleway status is now confirmed NCC to be asked to put in place the relevant signs and remove the fencing at the Trent bank end of the lane.

d)       BBC Grants – the forms had been completed to apply for a BBC grant for play equipment.  However, the Clerk had made enquiries with BDC about putting equipment on the playing field and Broadings Lane and the news was not good.  There are many restrictions and rules regarding this equipment that would prohibit the use of this field for equipment.  They also advised that the council would be unlikely to obtain any grant to put equipment on land they did not own.  It was agreed to contact BDC regarding the possibility of taking out a 25-year lease on the land.

e)       Land Registry – Information is being gathered by the Chairman and Clerk to submit the application forms.  Once all the information is to hand a draft submission will be made.


f)        Parish Plan – Cllr. Cable explained that the social evening had been cancelled because a complaint had been made to BDC licensing authorities.    A committee meeting will take place on Thursday 10th August followed by a full public consultation on Saturday, 12th August from 2 – 4 p.m. in the village hall.  It is hoped that BDC will be able to assist with the copying of the questionnaire.  Cllr. Cable thanked all who have already contributed including the wives of the committee members

g)       Planning –  Cllr Isard and BDC have now responded to the letter re the planning application and 106 agreement for Trentfield Farm.  The situation remains as before “ The Section 106 Agreement has not been completed and therefore the planning permission is unable to be issued”.  It was agreed to contact NCC to see why the agreement has not been enforced, it is more than 5 years since the application was submitted.

h)       Planning Comments – a reply from BDC regarding the comments on asbestos and parking was read to the meeting.  Apparently the removal of asbestos is covered in the general conditions and there is no control over parking on the highway in a planning application.

i)        Trees – letter acknowledged but no response from the Tree Warden as yet.

j)        Hedge – the hedge alongside the pavement to Church Laneham has now been cut, the farmer was very co-operative with this.


Old Cottage Planning Application – was preliminary discussed.  The plans were inspected and observations made.  This item will be discussed again later in the meeting.


The meeting was closed for Public Discussion after which it was reopened.



a)       Manor House Caravan Park – several occupants of the park attended the meeting and expressed their concerns about the future of the park.  The council listened to their worries and explained that as yet no planning application has been received to make changes to the park.  Cllr. Isard will check out the situation with BDC and any information will be passed to the concerned residents when available.

b)       Fence – the council had already agreed to query when the fence on Trentfield Lane will be removed.

c)       The Old Cottage Development – The developer had been able to answer some questions on the project and accepted comments from the councillors.


Cllr Cobb left the meeting.



a)       Caretaker - £333.33 (000611)



8.       BUS SHELTER

The Chairman has been informed that the Bus Shelter is beyond repair and will have to be demolished.  The council agreed not to accept this decision but to apply pressure on NCC to restore the shelter.  The Chairman agreed to follow this up.


9.       PLANNING APPLICATION – The Olde Cottage – Erection of 4 new houses and conversion of existing cottage to two cottages.  Demolition of buildings – the plans were reviewed again and after discussion 5 out of 5 councillors present voted in favour of the application.  It was felt the development would keep the character of the Olde Cottage and the new development would be welcomed.


a)       BDC Planning Adjacent Springfield House – planning permission declined.

b)       BBC Project – the council have now been advised the project for remedial work on the Church Wall has now been approved.  This will now be discussed at the meeting on 17th August.

c)       NALC Northern Area Committee - meetings are to be increased to 4 per year.

d)       Planning Extension, Miles End Cottage - permission granted.

e)       BDC Proposed Highways Programme for 2006/7 includes the following –

C2 Laneham Catchwater Drain – waterproofing and new parapets

Main Street – 2 street lighting columns

Helenship Lane – surface dressing


f)        Bus Timetables – copies of the new bus timetable have been made available.  It is hoped that the relevant changes will be published in Roundabout.




a)       Playground ­ ­-  to be put on next Agenda

b)       Village Hall Licensing – application to be considered

c)       Notice Board – this has now been painted and Cllr. Baines was thanked for doing this.

d)       Dog Fouling – still a problem.  Do we need more notices?


There was no further business discussed and the meeting closed at approximately 8.55 p.m.